Testing my skills with "Mary Jane" 2

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Last time I was writing about it, plant was still pretty small. Now, it's up to my neck already. And my height is around 1.73m. So you do the math. I cut the leaves every time they grow up to the fullest, or when they are in the way of other sprouts. And you can imagine how many these leaves I have already cut off. But...don't cry :D Because I still have almost all of them. Dry and ready for something else : fresh tea!


Boil 2-3 cups of water in your pot. Ones it’s boiling, add a teaspoon of butter, and allow it to completely dissolve. Turn the temperature down to a low-medium. Add cannabis leaves (dry or fresh) - how much? For around 1/3 of water you put in. Add some honey. Leave it on low for 5-7 min. Add a cup of milk. Best one is classic cow milk with high fat. Leave it on low for 2-3 min (stir a bit). ..................... and your tea is ready ;)

If you want, you can add a tea bag on the end - for better taste.


Oh, once when marijuana had pretty dry soil, the tops just turned town. Once I watered the plant, I could not believe, how fast those tops turned up again. I think it was in matter of...one minute! I could watch it live. What a miracle this plant is :)

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That thing is turning into a tree! Nice. You might want to start thinking about putting it in a bigger pot and let it go into beast mode.

Btw check out the post I just put up yesterday. It would be cool to see you enter our grow challenge.

Yeah,I was checking if I got a right pot and I dont. damn. I got few of them which are 2-3 times bigger (too big). wanna have a pot like...for 1/2 bigger. What I do though, is adding some dried substrats (rarely) and ash. I planted a tobacco too and both plants need that. Oh, yeah, will check your post, sure. Thanks ;)

I would not add ash. That would most likely get your ph out of whack. But yeah go with the big pot, might as well try to grow that as big as you can. Or even put that sucker in the ground! You for sure will have a tree, lol

you never know :D

Checked your post. I'm from Europe. We don't use gallons,but liters instead :) So it would not be fair. But yeah, pretty good challenge though.

This is in litters.

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What a beauty!! And a gorgeous post!! Lots of older Thai-Chinese people drink ganja tea everyday - always with a little coconut oil in it. It's pretty normal here in Thailand. Love that you're sharing this simple way to be so much healthier!

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Thank you @naturalmedicine. Nice to read that this is still a culture in some areas. I can tell you that here that's a thing of strict minority. Usually those people who know how to take 30 min off their day and just chill physically and mentally.