Magic 2012

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Magic 2012


This post will be part of a Magic Mushrooms series. I tried magic mushrooms for the first time in 2010.. but these were the first that I was able to photograph.


For a strange reason, it happens that after I hunt for shrooms in a field or farm, the next year they always close it or they start constructing something there.. and then I can't find a spot for one or two years. That's some smurfs stuff..!


If we travel in time to 2019 you will find me smoking this joint:


And then we continue with the shrooms:


It is such a magical experience to go looking for them and then actually finding them!


Last year (2020) I couldn't find any due to the lockdown and restrictions.. but I'm waiting for winter season this year to go hunting.


These are Psilocybe Cubensis also known as Golden Caps.


I hope you enjoyed the first part of this series, stay tuned for more.!

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I love all of this!!
I hope you will find the best mushrooms!!
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