Random seeds to Purple G Cookies 🌱🌱🌱

in WeedCash •  9 days ago 

Hi all! This is G Gardener aka Frank, Gardening has been real fun to me, i love it and it makes me complete, especially caretaking the magical green herb.

After Trimming and training Purple G Cookies, will be flowering in two weeks. It is a random seeds which I had planted by #blissgenetics and was very doubtful on it.


It is 52 days running now.

Drawing Drawing


Solving out the Blue Hurricane issues of it's height, as it is growing a bit tall and need to tie her down. It will also take two weeks for flowering most probably.


Drawing Drawing


Hunging the Tangie Auto after cutting it tonight, will posting soon on it.

Thanks for your time :)

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That Tangie looks amazing! I actually am smoking on a tangie x purple punch, it’s amazing!

Great! How's the taste?


Amazing! Purple Sativa’s are my favorite highs!!


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