Taking some Sativa for NoAgenda! Let’s Go!

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Trying these to cut out the edibles. Wanna cut most sugar out. Let’s go!

Check out show till 3:00 or so https://hive.blog/hive-136933/@adamcurry33/10-minutes-till-showtime-noon-till-3ish-est-no-agenda-livestream


30mg of THC isn't enough to get my toenail high :P
I would need a whole bottle (10 pills) a few times every day. So would my wife.

I took 5 🙃

I’m still in training 😉

Well you've come a long way, and you have a long way to go yet.
Enjoy :))

Was this psychedelic for ya? Cutting out sugars is key for battling cancer, obesity and heart disease... But not covid ALLEGEDLY

😵‍💫 a bit. I took a few weeks off. Tolerance went to zero quick

Sugar is great for the covids
I mean free doughnuts 🍩 with vaccine pass. Literally nationwide chain snd I think government paying part of bill. Free beer 🍻 in some places. It’s insane




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