Separating Succulents - Preparing Grow Tent

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Hello Everyone,

It's been a busy day here, as I prepare for the new round of cannabis seeds!

I also 3D printed a planter to start succulent separation, due to some horrid rot.

The Graptosedum Bronze that I have, clones very easily with dropped petals, and I no long have the original mother plant, because it succumbed to the same type of rot the large one is now experiencing.

I'm not sure what it is, perhaps overwatering or insect damage. What is consistent, is the rot is in the stem, and slowly chokes out the plant with a slow death that seems irreversible.

My solution is less soil, less water, separation from other plants. We'll see what happens.


I love this little 3D printed planter. It's so cute and perfect for this plant. I'll be reblogging a post from @print3dpro to share the details of the print for anyone who's interested in knowing more about it :)


As I type this , I have the 3D printer at 46% with another one of these cool little planters, because I have a few more baby clones to separate still.

You can see where the mother plant was clipped, and it was a clone from previous drops as well.

It's a real bummer to have to keep disposing of the fully grown plants, but there's always hope as long as I have some baby clones.


Here we can see, all hope is lost for this plant. It's rapidly dying, and the petals could potentially clone themselves, but I won't mess around with these.. They will be disposed of..


Above is another example of the endless possibilities of 3D printing. This entire light rack is 3D printed :)



That floor insert really makes things easier, because a good flick out the window, and scrub down, and she's ready to go.


I probably wouldn't have used a vacuum if I wasn't making a post.. just keeping it real, I mean.. I probably could have gotten by without one :D but hey, now it's extra clean ;)


There was no need to go crazy on the scrubbing bubbles, just enough to give a good wipe down, kill any eggs/bugs hanging around, etc.

I don't like to clean, so don't expect any photos of futuremind on his hands and knees, you'll just have to take my word for it that I scrubbed it good.



The new LED lamp arrived today. When I hold it in my hand, I find it shocking that this thing is less than 20 dollars USD. It's a very nice LED lamp. I can't wait to see what two of them side by side are capable of.


I'm really loving this and feel so very fortunate to have this beautiful little indoor garden set up. Everything you see in this post was paid for with crypto, including everything on my work bench. Crypto has made many of my dreams come true already, and we've only just begun. It's like a gift that keeps on giving :)


And here we are, nice and clean, with our 3D printed starter trays, containing 12 cannabis seeds. It's probably not obvious in the photo, but the extra light is definitely giving an illumination boost :)

The lights for now are off.. No need to have them on until the seeds pop. I'm undecided if I will go 24 hours of light, or 18/6.

I'm really impressed with all the lights I have, panels included. Even though they are nothing super powerful, I've not lost any LED's from burn out or had any issues whatsoever. They seem to be good quality, use of 18/6 light will only be to decrease wear and tear, and I'm not sure if it makes a substantial difference giving them a 6 hour break daily.


That's all for today, thanks everyone for all the great support, advice, and wonderful comments , you all make this a great experience for me! :)

Have a great day! -@futuremind


That light rack is fawesome. Next, incubator. Now lemme find some ostrich egg.

Incubator and egg is getting creative 🤣 Some of the succulents are put in little domes though, this would be a fun project :)

I'm wondering if your succulent leaves are getting burned by the lights and fans. From what I have seen of other weed-growing setups, the wind and light is very intense. Try your graptosedum on the windowsill instead

Hi @nikv , thank you kindly for the advice!
When they start getting large is when this happens.

I'm keeping them out of the tent completely, and will try the windowsill. Since I have 3 baby clones, I'm 3D printing 3 small succulent planter pots and will experiment around a little with all three of them, but everyone I've given these to as gift keeps them in the windowsill and they all seem healthier than mine.

Would think I woulda figured this out by now.. 🤓

I see you have a very nice gardening blog. I gave you a follow and look forward to your content! 😃

Thank you! I'll be interested to see how you LEDs work out, it's much cooler and less high -consumption on electricity than halogen sodium lamps: which is a major cost in production setups here. I have been renting rooms out to make money but I'm starting to seriously think that regular crops will be less annoying than tenants

Indeed, this is the main reason I use LEDs, there's no comparison with HPS and halogen, and virtually no heat with some of these lower powered panels.

I'll definitely post regular updates with the succulents now! :)

I have been renting rooms out to make money but I'm starting to seriously think that regular crops will be less annoying than tenants

😂 Thanks for the laugh, that's some witty humour you possess.

Great post man.
20 bucks for an LED? Let me know how it goes. I need new lights... still using that old SAD lamp I inherited from my grandfather... lol
Really nice job on all the printing, and new acquisitions.

Thank you for the compliment bro!

$18.99 for that LED, and is the same bulb I just produced my recent harvest with, (with the two red/blue panels) so I'm hopeful this will bring me at least double the previous yield. Maybe more who knows, such a small reflective area, boosting the lumens even a little could make a substantial difference. I'm hopeful :D

Thank you for the compliment with the printing too. I'm planning to post a lot of content there as well. I've had the machine for 8 months now, and have worked hard with this. So it's nice to see such beautiful prints snapping off the print bed, and can't wait to make some trippy color change prints as well :D

The cannabis you've produced from your grandfathers lamp is like a badge of honor bro.. How many people do you think there are in the world right now growing nugz like yours with some industrial revolution grade equipment? Ponder that.. :P

That light rack is awesome, I have been really thinking of a 3d printer for a home business

Thanks a lot man!
That's the route I'm thinking of going, with an Etsy shop to sell prints. For people who have hobbies like us, it's a win/win. It opens up vast possibilities, and helps with saving money for household things like soap dishes, toothbrush holders, paper towel holders, and pretty much whatever you can think of that will fit on that print bed :D

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