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RE: Tent Update: IT'S ALIVE!

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Looking good bro. Sounds like a decent plan to keep the water absorption as light as possible. Four days is a long stretch but they will certainly make it, no doubt they might be starting to get thirsty by that point.

It's good that you have a neighbor to watch over the place but unfortunate you don't have someone who can water them for you. Perhaps a remote camera viewing set up and watering system might not be a bad idea in the future. One thing at a time though, patience is a virtue and you have lots of it!

Keep up the great work, and I hope you have a nice Thanksgiving with the family.



Yeah there is a system call blumat, and it’s very good. Not thing is you would have to have a bucket of water near by for it to feed into the droppers. Something else that will take up more room I don’t have . If I did have the room I would be all over it. Takes the guess work out of the equation