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RE: Tent Update, With A Minor Speed Bump

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Dude this is an epic post with some epic plants!

I need to collect some rain water and have some culligan jugs that I can use. Reading your post just gave me this idea.... to print some funnels... to assist in collecting rain water :D

Are you still trying to hide your plants from the neighbors? I do believe your girls are popping up over the top and there's no way that little shield is hiding anything 🤣 in all seriousness though, it's good that you make a "respectful attempt" to keep it on the low just in case it would bother anyone. :D


One more thing.. It's strange how you mention the 1970's look, and look at what showed up in my notifications.


Mind blown...


You know no ow it’s funny that I told my mom before the rain hit that I was going to sit out some buckets to collect rain water. I did not realize I would collect hundreds of gallons! Lol ok not that much, but I bet you I could of if I did not have to divert the water to drain out. Oh man it’s a nightmare! Last year there was an inch of water in my whole kitchen!

Yeah that sounds like a nightmare.. It's been raining all day and I didn't even think to put those jugs out because I've been so busy... damn.. lol. It doesn't sound like it's raining anymore 😅

I noticed peakd showing this as well

Yeah.. I just found it wildly ironic because of the mention in the post about the 1970's look lol.
I think peakd has been having the error for a while, idk if it happens in other frontends, haven't noticed it elsewhere and used a couple different frontends ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Guess what else has the 70’s look? 😂😂😂👨‍🦰

omg 🤣