My Cannabis Garden

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Hello Everyone,

I've decided to start blogging again after taking a break. The break was supposed to be permanent, but because of lots of extra time on my hands, and some other reasons, (which I might talk about in another post) I just want to post again.

I'll keep the words brief. Today I want to show off my healthy thriving indoor garden!

Let's have a look.


This is little Miss auto Lemonesia, the last seed that I had of her kind.
I only had 6, and only 2 made it to maturity.

The first one was bigger, and little Miss auto Lemonesia here looks freakishly small but super healthy!


This is her home.


She loves the tent and so do her sisters.


And so does the Graptosedum Bronze, Jalapeno pepper plant, and green onions!



That small Graptosedum Bronze was/is a mother plant to the big one above :)
It drops petals and multiplies. It's a great plant that I've had for a couple of years now.

It's a rather small garden, but healthy and happy, and I enjoy caring for and spending time with the plants everyday.

I have a few plants that were labelled "Purple Cheese" and it was super good. Half of the cannabis plants are this strain, and the other half are random seeds from different bags.
None of these are autos or feminized, only the Lemonesia genetic freak :D

I've been a cannabis cultivator for a while now, but in the past I could not speak of it openly because it was illegal in New York. Now it's legal so I will post about my small personal cannabis garden :)

I'm running some cheapo blurp lights that some plants seem to love and others seem to hate, and a natural yellow LED round heatsinked light above, which was only $20.00 USD and is a beast of a light, rated at 100 watts, but reported to draw much less.


Thanks for stopping by, until next time, much love! -@futuremind


Is that an aloe vera in there?

No, the only succulent in the tent is a Graptosedum Bronze.
But I do want to get an aloe plant as well!

Thanks for stopping by @dynamicgreentk, its been a while :)

The plant in the bottom right of the photo?

Green onions 😅


Welcome back bro, looks like SBI had some votes saved up for you, haha.
Setup looks good, best of luck with the new crop!

Thanks a bunch man, yes the SBI votes were a shockingly pleasant surprise!
Thank you for the compliment, I'll post regular updates and will try to get better photos! :)

Welcome back! It's been a while. 😊

Thank you my friend, it's great to see you. I hope you have been well Vincent!

Hi Jake, I am still hanging in there, still lurking here on Hive. 😊

Hey! Sorry ive been MIA myself, except for here of course. Been a little withdrawn from alot of things online, except curation here. I think ill always be here on the block chain. Just so burnt out of discord, and trying to get people outside of the chain to post here. Glad your ok. Garden looks good. If i where you i would add at least one more of the same light in that tent :)

Hey! It's great to hear from you!

No worries, life has had it's ups and downs for all of us I think.

Things are ok here, been getting focused and on track again 😃

More to come, I will try to post regular updates, maybe a daily garden blog? 😃

Thanks for stopping by my friend :)

In a few moths those plants will be biggers and beautifuls :D

Haha yeah! I might put them into flowering in another 2-4 weeks.
I can't let them get too big in this little grow area. 😄

Thanks for stopping by!

Excellent to see you back brother 🤗

Thanks a bunch bro, it's nice to be back 🤗

Cool. I tried once. Well, not intentionally. Long story there. But they got every disease there is, and could only survive out in the open on my deck. Since it was NYS, I didn't feel comfy with that and gave them away.

This looks great. Welcome back.

It can be a finicky plant for sure, sometimes it's like you can do nothing wrong, other times it's problem after problem.
Right now I'm having some problems with whitish spots on the leaves, almost look like slug slime.

Thank you for the warm welcome, it's nice to be back :)

Good to hear from you again. I hope your doing well.

Hey! Thanks for stopping by, it's great to see you. All is well here for the most part :) I hope you are doing well also.

All is good here.

That's some really nice cheese plant you have there!

Thanks man! Hopefully they will get pretty big. they usually do and then the hard part is keeping them contained in a small area while maintaining lumen efficiency.

Nice plants.

I had four growing but I started them too early and they grew to be too big to keep indoors so I put themoutside but the weather got to them. 3/4 didn't make it and the last one is male. I think I might get another and breed them for seeds for next year.

Hey! So sorry I missed this comment my friend.

I actually didn't miss it, I saw it and meant to get back to you but somehow it didn't happen and I just remembered.

Sorry to hear you had some bad luck with the plants :(

I ended up getting super lucky and the all 4 plants in my tent turned out female.

Getting ready to make a post within a day or two with new photos.
I expect I'll get a decent little harvest, they are just starting to flower :)

Let us know how your cannabis journey ends up, if feasible.
I think the world would be a better place if everyone grew cannabis :)