Lemonesia Harvest

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Hello Everyone,

Tonight I'm harvesting the Lemonesia auto flower.

This is the last of 6 seeds that I had, and only two made it to maturity.

It's good stuff and quite potent.


This is the best macro photo I was able to get with a Pixpro AZ421 Kodak. It's a bit of a limited beginner camera, but it takes some pretty nice photos, much nicer than the previous Samsung camera that I used to use.

Let's have a look at some more photos.


If you think this plant looks small, you are correct.
I didn't measure it, but it's no bigger than 6 inches tall and maybe 2 grams on the entire plant.


She's frosty and stinky and I feel intuitively this is the time for harvest.


Now she is clipped and the viewer can see me holding the Lemonesia. Notice it is not very big, but I am still happy to have grown this little beauty :)

Now I will show a few photos of my entire garden, but before I do, I would like to talk about my experience with auto flowering cannabis and what I think of it.

First the good:
I like that I don't have to worry about light cycles, and a 24 hour cycle is just fine for auto's.
It makes the overall process easier with less attention to light phase.
I use a timer for 12/12, so it's not a big deal, but this is kind of nice to not have to think about.

The bad:
It seems the germination rate with this particular breed was not great. I have high success with germination, and 2 out of 6 is not good compared to my usual success rate, which would be at least 5 out of 6 if they were healthy seeds.
I don't like that one grew pretty big, and the other (this one) turned out to be a runt.
There is very little control the grower has in this regard. The plant will start to flower when the plant wants to flower, and if it's small, then you will get a small harvest.

This is my first time with autos, which means my experience and knowledge is very minimal.
I am open to thoughts regarding auto cannabis.

The Lemonesia was given to me by a friend, but I found it online and as a form of attribution to the people who have created this strain, here is the main link for this product:
I would give my Lemonesia experience an 8/10.
Overall, I'm happy with this wonderful gift and think it must take some real geniuses to create these modified genetics, so I tip my hat to them, and am thankful and grateful to have grown this wonderful strain.

I think I like the unmodified stuff better, because I can control more aspects of the plants growth phases.

There is something magical about these autos though, and I will probably grow more in the future, but I won't maintain high expectations with them.

Here's the rest of the fam:


That's a nice little canopy, but there are definitely some problems.


Does anyone have an idea of what these spots are? I haven't the slightest clue, but it doesn't seem to be harming the plant much. I am not overly concerned, but I do not like it.


The new growth looks rather healthy to me without those spots, so maybe it was an early PH problem.

I don't measure PH and recycle all of my soil. At this point I don't even know what to call it..
I throw eggshells in it, coffee grounds, and also some pellet slow release nutrients, as well as bloodmeal.
I wet it in a 20 gallon bucket and let the soil absorb the nutrients slowly before using it again.

With this method, I am surely not in a perfect range for plant nutrients, but it's been working pretty good for me for the past couple of years.

I might try some new things though to improve the quality of my garden.


This Jalapeno pepper plant defies logic as far as I'm concerned.
It's over a year old and has produced 3 pepper yields, and is preparing for a big yield right now.
I discovered it LOVES foliage feeding, which I would not have guessed. Now I spray the leaves at least 1 time a day and it's really exploding in growth. I've chopped it down so much and it just does not stop.


The Graptosedum Bronze is undergoing manipulation right now. I have positioned it in such a way to promote the plant to grow up towards the light in a specific direction, and I don't want to touch it right now because if I screw this up then I will have issues in the future with the stalk.
I could snip it and plant with these new root shoots, but I want to see how big I can get this plant, and only intend to snip it if my manipulation growth goes wrong.

I will cover this particular plant more extensively in the future.

That's all for today, thank you for stopping by and have a great day! -@futuremind


This looks good plants 👌😋😋😋👌👌👌

Thanks @foxkoit!!! 😊👍

Everything looks great, bro!
I imagine that bud will be some of the finest you have ever had, especially after the perfect dry and cure. Yummmm! Great job.

There might not be much cure time because I'm out of smoke right now 😅
Thanks for the kind words man!

I don't know enough of your plants to offer any suggestions, but they all look very healthy to me. 😊

Thank you Vincent! There's been some small pests in there, but I feel like most of the plants are pretty healthy 😃


I can't comment on your new post because it's in OCD, and they don't allow me to comment or reply on any posts with their tag. I hate the censorship continuously creeping onto this blockchain, it's almost as bad as big tech now!

That's a cool plant, I had one like it, but didn't know its name. It too was prone to dropping leaves and having huge blank spots :D

I know nothing about 3D printing but I'll check out your other account. Have a great day.

I can't comment on your new post because it's in OCD, and they don't allow me to comment or reply on any posts with their tag.

That's quite a banishment.
What was the reason you were given?

That's a cool plant, I had one like it, but didn't know its name. It too was prone to dropping leaves and having huge blank spots :D

The leaf droppings clued me in to the need for repotting. It wasn't technically root bound, but halfway down the pot the soil was so compacted that the effects were pretty much the same.

I know nothing about 3D printing but I'll check out your other account. Have a great day.

3D printing is pretty cool man, in my opinion :)
It's definitely not an easy hobby and requires copious amounts of time and decent troubleshooting skills, but the reward is that it opens up an almost limitless amount of possibilities for people with creative minds.
I have ideas for 3D printed greenhouses, but my designer skills are not at that stage yet.
CAD ability is also a major component of 3D printing.

Thanks man, have a great day as well.

I think I ticked somebody off at some point, probably wondered publicly what the hell OCD is (other than a diagnosis in some of my patients). I probably didn't bow to the right egos or something, it happens. It was at least a year ago, probably longer. And since then, more recently, somebody from their team said something to me about voting on my own material, or was it voting for things on the sixth day, they weren't clear. They just seemed angry at my curation habits and said I'll never get any support from them. Whatever, take your toys and go home, I don't care. It just sucks to get my ability to leave comments and replies taken away on anything with "their" three letters on it.

I've also seen people just disappear from the blockchain, too. Not merely be voted to negative rep, and partially hidden. I mean blacklisted, and prevented from using the blockchain (perhaps in a similar way that I am not unable to interact with anything ocd). It's beyond just whales downvoting for naughty reasons. There's a whole culture of downvoting now, and people who think they're blockchain police, going around finding people doing things "the wrong way" (even when that way is not against any rules, morals, etc), and getting rid of them. I don't feel safe here anymore, even though I'm not doing anything wrong.

I wish I had the means to get into 3d printing, or at least a local friend to show me. It appeals to me (and my wife) but we just don't know the right people (or have the right money). Our lives (and budget) are filled with taking care of our health issues and raising our son. I can see the coming Bitcoin price chart, sometimes clear as day, but I don't invest for profits (personal belief... although I do believe in savings). So I can only live vicariously through you and your very cool hobby/industry.

Creating stuff is an important skill. You're like a new age blacksmith! You will be doing greenhouses in no time. (When you do, let me know, I need something like that for the back yard... does it fit in a USPS prepaid box? LOL)


Nice to see you back, @futuremind!

Thank you so much @acidyo! It's great to be back! 😃

Your buds always come out so frosty!

Thank you! I think the trick is putting them in the morning sun everyday 😉

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