Interesting Mushrooms In My Back Yard

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Hello Everyone,

Lately I've been getting interested in mycology.

Today was my first official mycology experience, from an observational point of view.

It's very basic but we have to start somewhere.

I don't know much about mushrooms yet, so this will not be an article tailored for educational purposes but rather, just a look at some cool mushrooms I found today. (And potentially some psychoactive mushrooms.)


This mushroom is supple and cute to me. It has this zebra like look, and seems very delicate.


Initially I thought this one is psychoactive, and picked it, but based on what I have already learned, I am thinking this is not a pyschoactive mushroom.


I really like this one, because of how it's growing on a burnt log, and the log has a rock or petrified look to it. For this visual contrast with the mushrooms, I thought it was super cool and wanted to take an angular shot. Quite sure this is not a psychoactive mushroom and did not pick it.


This tiny mushroom is very fascinating to me, and I wonder if it's psychoactive. I did not pick it but am still curious, and took the stick it is growing on and put it in a place I can easily remember and retrieve. (If it doesn't disappear.)


This one looks one looks similar but has a slightly different shape. The size is the same. I don't know if they are the same species or not, but I placed it next to the other one :)


Unfortunately some destructive human decided to cut this tree down for no apparent reason, but now mushrooms grow like crazy on this stump. Every other day it's like a new batch of mushrooms different from the last. I'm always looking at it.


I find this mushroom to be beautiful and reminiscent of stalactites . I love how it grew around the plants in its vicinity instead of pushing them out of the way. A symbiotic nature to its surroundings.


Another photo of the same mushroom when the sun was blocked momentarily by a cloud.


A liberty cap? Hmmm kind of looks like one :D


Before I talk about these mushrooms that I picked, it's important to state that I do not know if they are psychoactive or even edible, and there is a grave danger with consuming a mushroom that you are not 100% certain is safe.

I will be researching thoroughly before moving forward. There will be no doubt, or there will be no consumption. It's that simple. The risk factor is extreme, so anyone who is unaware of this risk factor and not willing to put in exhaustive research should probably not be dabbling with mushrooms.


There are some promising consistencies with photos I've seen on the internet compared to these.

We can see the thin veins going down the cap, and slight nipple like tips, which is a common trait of liberty caps.

The nipple tips aren't highly pronounced, but these are a bit small too, so maybe they are underdeveloped, or maybe they are not liberty caps.


I don't know off hand if the gills should be dark or light. I think I've seen both with liberty caps, maybe there are some slight variations within the species.

I need to learn all of this information, it will be some extensive time consuming research, but very necessary and worth the time spent.

I plan to get out tomorrow morning by a lake on the day of the full moon to go shroom picking. I don't know if the full moon will help or not, but I just have this feeling I'm going to find a whole bunch of them.

Please feel free to share what you know with me if you are a mycologist or have some good website resources. Anyone could just say they are a mycologist so I'll be double and triple checking any information I get on Hive, but I do harbor a great deal of respect for the brilliant minds we have here, and I would not be surprised to learn some stuff about mushrooms if the right eyes see this post.

Thanks for stopping by, I hope you're all having a wonderful day! -@futuremind


Nice selection :) Idk about mushrooms in your part of the world though, you need to ask @sketch.and.jam

Thank you!

Looks like the mushrooms you picked are just mycenas which are not psychoactive at all and don't really have any culinary uses since they taste bad. The first picture is Coprinopsis lagopus. Then you have a few polypores which can be medicinal and the tiny brownish one growing out of the wood is also probably a type of ink cap (not psychoactive either). If you're on the hunt for psilocybin look around cow pastures, they mostly grow out of manure and their stem bruises blue when pinched.

Hey @sketch.and.jam,

Thank you kindly for the identification and descriptive clarification on my findings here.

Psilocybin is my main focus with this search indeed, and it is nice to know about the stem pinch method.

I'm in upstate New York in a small city surrounded by woods and farms. Currently it's a little tough for me to get out to the woods, but there are some lakes nearby, and I'm planning to check out one after I finish up here this morning.

I'll keep my expectations low based on what you have explained, but I'm enjoying the learning process and time with nature regardless, and will just go out there and enjoy myself :)

I will be checking out your blog later, I really like what I'm seeing, and thank you kindly again for taking the time out of your day to compose a message for me.

Have a good one!

There should be some wild psilocybin in the cow patties up there. The odds of finding them anywhere else other than cow patties is very slim. But if you want to try some gourmet edible mushrooms keep an eye out for chicken of the woods. Its bright orange and grows usually off dead or dying trees/logs easy to spot from a distance and it grows right now. It has no gills and is a light yellow porous surface on the bottom with a bright orange color on top. Once you cook it, it tastes just like chicken. Like this 20201011_113607.jpg

Pretty nice pics bro!
I like that thimble-shaped one erupting from the earth.

Thank you bro!






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Mushrooms are so cool!

Fascinating right!?
Thanks a bunch for stopping by bro!

mycology experience, from an observational point of view
I was going to make a snide or knowing comment about this line, until I read the comment thread.
You must be vewy vewy cayowful when hunting wild 'shrooms.
In my limited experience looking for that BUZZ as a teen, the conventional wisdom RE: where psilocybin would grow was
A: on or near a dung hill, and
B: never in shade, I also heard about the bluish bruising too.

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Hahah, you gave me a good laugh 😄 Thank you for the support and reblog!

I'm a total newbie at this and not looking for a buzz, I'm looking to take about 4-8 grams of shrooms ingested once or twice a month because with my limited experience, that is the way to do it ;)

Micro dosing is a thing, and apparently very beneficial. I would need a regular supply for that. I just wanna trip hard, because it teaches me things ;D

This full moon is the Hunter’s Moon so a great time for foraging. I was just reading about how the indigenous people, after having harvested any crops would set out hunting and foraging on this full moon, to stockpile for the coming winter. The urge you’re feeling seems to be an ancient one. Happy hunting 🍄 and very nice photography.

It didn't work out great this time 🤣

I went to this park walk area right.. in a rich peoples section where they walk their dogs and run with headphones and smartphones glued to their face. Should have seen the looks I was getting crouched down in bushes 😂 I really think I was making people nervous and the energy was all messed up. I didn't find a single mushroom.

But I still had a nice time. It was really crazy out there.. Someone almost ran me over with their car, while somberly saying sorry at the same time out of their window and not slowing down. It was like something out of a comedy movie. The world as gone mad I tell ya!

Then I stopped at a Covid testing station that just popped up out of the blue, completely empty and snapped some photos, went to the grocery store and at this point couldn't stop laughing.. As 50% of everyone is masked and unmasked and all act so weird. What is strange is me laughing maniacally in the grocery store doesn't seem to phase anyone and makes me feel like the world is one big comedy show.

I get a few knowing smiles of agreement in return, so I guess there's still hope :D

Thanks for stopping by my friend!

The world really does seem to be a clown show. I watch this guy Matt /Quantum of Conscience on YouTube. He talks about how reality is breaking down. It sure seems nonsensical out there, and the “government” is the most ridiculous of them all. The stuff those “people” say, out of touch doesn’t begin to describe it. Happy to hear you’re putting it in the right perspective.

You captured really unique collection.Also I hope you got some new experience with all these .Glad to see all these new types photography.Have a nice day.

Thank you for the kind words my friend.

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We can't wait to see you get new badges @futuremind! 😉

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Awesome pic my friend

Thank you my friend!

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