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Hello Everyone,

Out of the four plants I harvested, I've already smoked up two of them, and don't have much left of the remaining two.

What can I say.. I like to smoke weed, and I didn't have a huge harvest anyway.

All of the weed came out super good, and the last plant I harvested was indeed the strongest and best tasting as I predicted.

I never in my wildest dreams would have guessed just how good it would have been though. It's easily the best cannabis I've ever grown, and maybe even the best I've ever had. I gifted some to a friend and can't wait to hear what she thinks of it, I bet she's sleeping good right now :D


This is the last nug I have of the big producer, which was also a successful prediction. I didn't think it was going to be very good, but after curing it turned out to be some real sleeper weed. It doesn't have the strongest psychoactive effect, but it works good as a sleep aid without smoking much.

Here is a photo from a previous post to show what she looked like before harvest:


She was a really beautiful plump girl, and I'm going to miss her after I get done smoking her after this post.


Now let's look at the super potent cannabis.


This weed is truly mind blowing and tastes just like berries.

I have about two joints of it left, and it's going to be very difficult to smoke and say goodbye to. Luckily I have over 20 seeds of this strain whatever is.. and will be planning very carefully to pollinate and reproduce more seeds of this. I want to have it for the rest of my life, it's that good.

I think it's a Sativa strain.

Here is a photo from a previous post, we can see she was vibrantly frosty.


And a couple more cured photos:



Out of the seeds I've planted, one has started sprouting, and expect I will probably see a few more later today.

I'm looking forward to seeing the new seedlings, and can't wait to see how they grow under the added LED light.

That will do it for today!

Thank you for stopping by, I hope you're all having a great day! -@futuremind


Man! @futuremind , that is some good looking :poop:💩
I grew some two years ago on my deck in Smyrna. I started late, and so didn't get much, but it kinda looked like yours with all those crystal looking things.
I put one piece under my "Microscope camera" and the leaves were crawling with little mites. Didn't look like they were hurting anything
Can't see them here, don't know if I saved any pics of them, this is a still from a very short video I took with the microscope camera

I only smoke at night before bed, so I can more easily slide into sleep and have pleasant dreams. Saves $ that way too.
I think Indica is the one I like best, as opposed to Sativa.

Thank you for the compliment Jerry! I'm very passionate about growing cannabis :)

Those crystals are the "trichomes."
White milky = early harvest > more THC > more psychoactive.
Amber colored = late harvest > More CBD (less psychoactive) > better for sleep and pain.

I'm not sure about those mites... they couldn't have been too bad since you're still here, I probably would have smoked them too :D Was probably some mitey good weed... bad joke :D

It looks like you harvested on the early side and probably had some real head hitter stuff if I were to gander a guess ;)
It looks really good!

I prefer Sativa for it's psychoactive effect, and helps reduce anxiety for me, but sometimes has the opposite effect and creates anxiety. It is not surprising that you like Indica before bed because it's said to be better for sleep :)
My medicinal purposes are for anxiety and sleep primarily, so I need to find a good hybrid of Sativa/Indica, (or create my own) with probably a Sativa dominance.

It takes a lot of discipline for me to wait before bed, I usually don't wait but try to.

Thank you for stopping by my friend, it is great to see you again!

Great to see you as well @futuremind , I just sent a short hello in Discord, picking up where we left off over a year ago.

You DO sound quite knowledgeable on the subject 🤣

Ahhhh well it never lasts long, does it? This kind of bud is beyond primo, and it doesn't burn the throat, so it's possible to slurp it up like candy! Delicious. I only smoke when I have access to this kind of sensimilia.

Great job growing, great harvest, great post! I'm glad you have seeds of your favourite sativa, for experimentation later. For now, happy growing : )

Thanks bro! Yeah it never lasts long, but it is what it is. Maybe one day we will all be a part of a community with almost limitless abundant access to cannabis. We'll all have giant mason jars full of it. Our biggest problem will be consuming it before it goes bad :D

I need to get another tent before growing this strain again. It's far too good to lose because of inadequate growing conditions. If I can successfully multiply it into a bank of seeds I'll claim it as my strain, and everyone will likely agree it's one of the best in the world ;)

Well making seeds is actually pretty straightforward, and you'll do well at it I'm sure! When you're ready just ask for advice and you'll get it. I've done it a few times and it's definitely rewarding. Being able to do the whole life cycle of the plant is awesome!

Nice frosty pictures! It always seems like the tastier the flowers the faster I burn through them. It’s like some kind of junk food cravings. I’m already sooo stoned yet I keep packing bowls. 😂 That’s why we’ve got to get the yields up then we never run out of the good stuff.

Thank you my friend!

Nicely put! lol 🤣, yeah I'm the same with good tasting weed, or pretty much just any weed.. A few big fat joints throughout the day is my usual way ;)
but it gets expensive..
I think with a greenhouse the size of yours, I could sustain my smoking habit. I would probably smoke less even, because no doubt a garden the size of yours requires round the clock tending.

For now I'll just focus on getting more tents and lights when I can 😅

I saw you have some new posts, gonna try to make over soon. Catching up on comments, posts, writing posts, drinking coffee.. This stuff takes a lot of time. 🤓

Yes it does 🤙

Oh my, before j read the post, I thought you made up a huge nugget put of that plant and smoke it 😂 glad it all turn out good! Wish you can pass that doobie

Haha, it kind of does look like a big Christmas tree or something right? 🤣

I wish I could have shared it too, but it's gone now, just a distant memory. Luckily I have more seeds of it though! :D

Right on man!

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Thanks man! :)

Nice looks frosty, that sucks you don't know the name of it but atleast you got some seeds

Thanks bro, yeaup grateful to have some seeds at least. I'll probably get my hands on some known strains eventually :)

Having seeds is the main point at this time haha, Seeds are getting out of hand in prices for some strains

cute little nugs! :D

enjoy it! :)

Currently enjoying :)

Puff puff virtual pass :P

Thank you for the kind words and support!

looks interesting :) good luck with the berry one ;)

I've never tried pollinating before so it will be fun. That's a long time away though, I have a fresh batch of seeds now with none of this berry strain being grown.

Probably after this next batch I will give it a try, and hoping to have a second tent by this time.

Thank you for the kind words and support!