Covid Loves Cannabis - Indoor Garden Update

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Hello Everyone,

Since the last Indoor Garden Update a month ago, a lot has happened, and it has all been really good, much better than expected given the Thrips infestation.

Firstly, to mitigate any confusion with my title which is specifically engineered to click bait the audience, muahahaha.. Covid is my cat companion friend who I adopted at the start of the pandemic.

He's an indoor/outdoor cat who was living in my backyard with a mangled paw, so I took him in, helped him heal up, and now he helps me grow cannabis.

That's pure love right there.

I'm gonna show off Covid more at the end of the post.

Let's check out what is happening with the garden.

Prior post shot:

How many males did we get?.. hmmmm

No males, they are all female.

And the two in the back are the big ones, one of them is the largest cannabis plant I have ever grown.


The female in the back was so tall I had to chop a few inches off, but it's not a big deal, I expect growth explosion, I feel it coming with these girls.



This one is my favorite and I think she might grow some really nice buds.


Here we can see the Thrips damage on the foliage, but no way will I be removing these fan leaves, because they are assisting in the crucial photosynthesis that is occurring right now, despite the damage, they are still very much alive and serving a purpose.

There are still a few Thrips I'm finding here and there, but very minimal after a month of applying diatomaceous earth, and they are not causing issues at this point.


And here we see the damage a little better.






That's pretty much it for now, the buds just started forming within the past couple of days, sex was showing for the past week with a total of 4 weeks 12/12 light cycle currently.

I've never had my entire grow turn out female before.

This was not the entire grow, but were the plants that survived the bug problem, and I only expected 1-3 females, and would have been pretty happy with 2.
4 is just shocking, but we're definitely not complaining!

"Covid... Heeeey Covid... Can I take some pics?"

Grumble grumble grumble, you know I don't like cameras...

"But you're famous on the Hive blockchain!... Please?"

You gonna give me some treats later?

"Of course , you know I'll hook you up."

I could get used to this... okay deal.

Let's get some things straight ... I want my treats placed right here... Kapeesh?

"Ok Covid whatever you want, you're the star of the show."

Are we done yet?

"No but you're doing great!"

Screw this I'm done, can I go back and play with the cannabis again now?

"Just one more!"

You know my love is infectious.

Thank you for stopping by! Have a great day! -@futuremind


Just don't let the cat within 100 meters of your flowers or you'll be burning fur with your buds!

Looking really good bro. Nice luck there, all female! I've had that, and the other way too. It's always nice to get a win.

He's a big time shedder, I'm used to it.
Right before this comment noticed my entire stove top is covered in cat hair because he likes to go on house adventures and there is no stopping him.

Ha! Perfect clock bait, plants look good!

Mission accomplished 😎
Super frosty buds are on the way 🌲
Thanks bro.

That's real nice healthy plants and the pet's name too 💚

Hehe, glad you like the cats name and the plants! :D
Thank you for the kind words and support! :)

Your plants are doing great. And you have an intimate product knowledge. Best wishes with your plants.
Very kind of you to adopt Covid. He seems in good hands and well looked after.

Thank you Vincent, I just intuitively let the plants tell me when to do what needs to be done, and mostly I don't need to do very much :)

I don't keep logs or dates or do any chemical concoctions for the soil. I keep it pretty simple and make little compost bins to recycle soil :)

Making blog posts about it does work as a time log of sorts though, otherwise I have stoner memory and forget things 👀

Very kind of you to adopt Covid.

I could never sit by idly with any living creature in my back yard suffering if I am able to help them in some way.

I feel for the deer in my backyard because I live in a New York (smaller) city and they are trapped outside of their natural habitat and no one can really do anything to help them.

I hope you are having a nice weekend my friend. 🙂

Simple is good. 😊

You are a kind soul with a good heart. 😊

You enjoy your weekend too. Cheers!

Thank you my friend, takes one to know one as they say 😉 Cheers!

Good on you for taking in that cat. Your plants are looking nice!


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Don't let him fool ya... He'll abuse your kindness 😅
Thanks for stopping by friend :)

Just don't let him eat all your !PIZZA and drink al your !BEER.

@futuremind! I sent you a slice of $PIZZA on behalf of @rentmoney.

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Thank you for giving reason for the downvotes.

Super sweet! The last photo caption should be:

"Now get the fuck outta here"


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