Feelin Good 😉

in WeedCash Network • last month

Hey folks feelin good today, ordered some nice seeds from Barney's Farm..from there Wikkid Cali collection.😁

5 Gorilla Skittles
3 Blue Gelato 41
3 Cookies Kush
2 Wedding Cake
Plus 2 free seeds
Purple Punch + Peyote Critical

Basically replaced all the strains the police took from us back in June. All ready for our next setup..😁

Should be interesting..were gonna setup an indoor grow in a truck with solar to get us through the winter and also so we can do cuttings finally 😁 and get some proper mother plants for next year...

I grew the gorilla skittles last year and it was my best outdoor plant..amazin weed..600 grams of top quality nugs and shitloads of trim from 1 bushy beauty..
Here's some pics from my window..