World Day of Chronic Pain

Today, October 17 is World Chronic Pain Day according to OMS. We already know how much marijuana can help these people, and how persecuted they have been in the pandemic in different countries around the world.


The CBD is one of thousands of components that the cannabis has, this one has medicinal properties mainly. In the countries where this regulated its medical use, the CBD is the molecule more used to palliate chronic pains.

I am self medical for about 20 years, as I told you with the complacency of my doctor and several I have had, I suffer from severe irritable colon, if I smoke marijuana does not hurt my colon ever, it's like I have nothing, if I spend days without smoking I begin to hurt, it's incredible.

In my country, to give an example, this year's data are tremendous. Out of some 50 million inhabitants, 8 million suffer chronic daily pain of some kind. According to the OMS, one in five people suffer from chronic pain.

Visibility for people who suffer from chronic pain and freedom for the silver of marijuana, which can do so much good to humanity.

*Image of CBD courtesy of Wikipedia.


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"No bud or piece of cannabis has been damaged or injured on site"


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A day to consider to throw out those opiates, and grow some herb!

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