Morning walk, a #Weedcash coverage "from the window of my boat"

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Extensively covered in my Morning walk Is the beuty of the arctic sunrise over my hometown of Akureyri, Iceland.

I decided to post some more from that walk, however sharing the content less broadly. With no monetary gains as a motive (price of weedcash on HE has not been that "high" lately) and my 70+ weed farms in #dCity do produce "trace amounts" of that HIVE stuff. ;)

Hoerver if you want to change something, do something! for me getting involved with blogging again sharing and interacting with people os not all about the dough. i like what this comunity is doing. And am getting involved by sharing this extra material through the #weedcash frontend giving a shoutout to the comunity (and others the morning walk wasnt posted on) (for monetary reasons) :p

the first picture is a "diffrent angle" shot of my hometown of Akureyri.


Made verry trippy using Snapseed on my mobile phone, as i sat in my "boat". i re-share this beutyful photo of the boat named "Duggan"


i can hear Cypress Hill´s "From the window of my room"


as i sit down in the boat for a quick... Neditation session!


and now for some reason the voice of a deep south african trevor noah style voice... Mr Photo... Mr Photo what youu dooooing?


I´m medicating, now leave me alone you little bitch!

then i tinkered some more with some photos.



became this


the image below is a bit gloomy...


reminding me of my old smoke spot in a much smaller fishing village up north... "The Ark"


i´m joking, i never smoked at that boat... so that i remember, however now the Ark is reminding me of my ex-wife, they are similarily built... hehe

what a discusting thig to say Mr.Photo...

Who the F*** be you holding me accountable for thinking that?

So i did some more photo´s before returning home to my current fiancé!


The last image is of our outside light, shot as i left the house at 2 : 30 in the morning fallowing a phone call from a friend telling me the skies were amazing, it was however mediocre, i however welcomed the opportunity for a walk and a little "me time" as they (the girls) call it...

Thank you for reading comments are welcomed, likes are encouraged and welcomeda and repayed randomly with the new #pizza token i´m currentæy holding a shitbag of!

Untill next time...

Mr.Photo.... i mean eythorphoto...


I never got into DCity. Never had the patience or will to do it. 🤭
Great photos you got there! Amazing work!

Have my !LUV and thnx :)

Thank you so much, that really means a lot to me. :) Photography actually got me through some tough times already, It´s always fun to get compliments thank you.

@trincowski, you were given LUV from @eythorphoto. Info: or check wallet:

What cool photography! Keep lighting man 🔥

Thank you so much for that mate, here have a slice heh, !PIZZA ... on Mr.Photo ;)



@artisto! I sent you a slice of $PIZZA on behalf of @eythorphoto.

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