I Don't Downvote Often, But When I do...

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As people have been noticing on the Weedcash front-end there is a spammer that is doing "tests" and trying to farm Weedcash but up voting their own posts that contribute absolutely nothing to this community.

I have absolutely no issue with self-voting (as I do it myself) however given the current circumstances of this clear abuse of reward farming, I'm going to now down vote their content. Some curators have down voted their content that wipes their entire rewards but I'll be down voting them 100% regardless of their rewards. This abuse has been continuous, I don't want to be a gate keeper for Weedcash, but something has to be done at least until that person can be muted off of the Weedcash front-end.

The person in question claims to be supporting the community with upvotes but that is completely false, most of the upvotes are self-votes. Granted, this user is also purchasing some Weedcash on the market. What's interesting is that this account is being funded by a separate French account. I will not tag the individual in question, but if you check their history, you can follow their exchanges.

This is just a public announcement regarding this particular spammer, join if you can and continue supporting better content in this community.

Thanks for reading and keep on smoking everybody!

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Thanks for your help!

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