From Anti-Cannabis To Pro-Weed: Quick Family Thoughts

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It's interesting to see that the stigma of pot smokers within my family has dwindled down a bit over the years. Legalization and decriminalization has helped the non-smokers in my family think a little more positively of the outlook of the pot smokers.

In my family there is generally a concern regarding legal matters although it wasn't always the most important aspect. In the past, the older generation definitely viewed smoking cannabis negatively. These days their views have changed as social acceptance has changed. It's pretty ironic considering many in my family enjoy drinking alcohol, including myself sometimes when the time allows. Some have accepted that they can't be as harsh anymore, yet most of them no longer really care. It's been interesting to see the evolution of my family's thoughts.

Both of my parents are open to it, my mother is more accepting of cannabis for recreational use which is rather surprising. My father thinks it should be used medicinally.

It is crazy to think both of my parents are more accepting of it considering they were strongly against its use, including medicinally a decade ago. Strange how it all works. My siblings and I are all accepting of it and want it to be recreational which is no real surprise. I don't think we were the ones who convinced our parents, but who knows. Lol

Things sure have changed!

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