Dogecoin to $4.20?

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It may be a pipedream... It may be the cannabis... but I think Dogecoin will climb above $4.20 USD and go beyond Cloud 9 by early 2022. This is yet another crazy speculation... yet another crazy highdea but I feel strongly that Dogecoin is going to climb dramatically these next few months.

Tonight Elon Musk is hosting an episode of SNL at the dismay of the left-wing nutjubs. Musk, a huge supporter of Dogecoin, is expected to continue propping up Dogecoin and have some fun on SNL which has seen nothing but low ratings these past few years due to their horrible jokes and SJW narratives. Musk, a pretty based dude, continues to shill Dogecoin on Twitter with the help of Mark Cuban, and this may be pushing Dogecoin to astronomical values.

Will this slow down Doge or help Dogecoin rise? IMO this may help Doge, but Dogecoin is getting a lot of support now from exchanges. This is more than just a meme-coin, this is a movement to standardize Dogecoin as an everyday currency.

What do you think about Dogecoin?

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There is one good thing about Doge. Very good.
So many Doge lovers eventually will get REKT

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It is going to come crashing down. Nothing is holding it together, other than publicity. We'll see though. Right?