Indoor + Outdoor Grow Diary Day - Off-Grid Solar Powered LED Grow - Finally Replaced The Broken Solar Controller

Hey folks, Graham here again with another update on the grow.

I've Not been very active here on weedcash recently. Got sucked into Splinterlands in a big way lol..😁 luckily I made loads of money so its all good. I made $780 just from selling 3 cards alone!!

Anyway back to the weed !!

So I finally bought a new solar controller to get our indoor story happening again otherwise we were Gonny lose all the cuttings.

Got a Victron Energy 100/20. Proper nice bit of kit. Really good quality products.

I am of to finish wiring it up now 😁 Fell out the truck last night and fucked my elbow.!!


Here are some pics I took last week. I will take more up to date shortly!










Peace, G.

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Nice garden you have there.

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Thanks 😁 it's starting to smell lovely 😀

They look really green and fresh.

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Damn you have been gone forever, those are huge! lol

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Wait till you see the new is a proper monster now 😁

I am looking at the Victron 30 for my van. Have to replace my entire system so going to go with the good stuff this time. How are you liking it?

Yeah I am loving it mate. The old one I replaced would only let me turn my led grow light up ton 45% before the invertor would cut out !! I thought it was a shit invertor...! Now I can turn it up full easy..had it running now for about 8 hours 😁

Cool, yeah I know someone else with the 100 in his van and it looks beastly. He is still building out the van so he hasn’t put it through any real use yet.

Also forgot to invertor in my own truck is a victron and it is a beast.. 1200 watts 😁 worth every penny...

When we come to replacing the small cheap invertor in the grow room soon I will be buying a victron definitely 😉

Its definitely worth spending a bit extra for gear like this...😉


Something on the leaves? Mud splashing up maybe? Seems like gray dots or something... thrips?
Outdoor is outdoor.... the heat and other bugs will take care of it anyway :P
Hope your elbow heals quickly!

Yeah well noticed..its actually just dust left over from a rainstorm here happens at least once every year. Its sand from Morocco!!!

Leaves EVERYTHING covered in this brown dusty shit...!

Yeah I am about to go round them all with a spray gun we just got working again 😁

Oh wow, thanks Morocco! haha.



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Bro you have some much beasts :D send me one hahahah