Indoor + Outdoor Grow Diary Day 343 - Off-Grid Solar Powered LED Grow - More Pic's 😎 Soaking up the sun

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Hey folks, Graham here again with another update on the grow.

Its still about 40 degrees here but the plants are coping better than me 😂




This is the crazy Wild Thai Sativa. She probably won't be ready till November pmsl😂






This is the plant I should have entered into the #5gallongrowchallenge really.


Here is the channel!



Last but not least is the Gorilla Glue#4.




Peace, G.

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Nice channel of plants :) Keep up the great work, they love the sunshine!


Thanks man..yeah I really wasn't expecting to much from those ones in the channel since they went in the ground quite late in the season but they are doing really well now.

That's mostly Gorilla Glue with a couple of Cookies Kush..😎

I think sometimes silt and other nutrients can find its way into a channel like that. It may look barren but then you grow something and it does nicely! Just my theory anyway, haha, looking forward to seeing how they finish.

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I always thought seeing those praying leafs is one of the best sites to see on your plants, right after glistening trichomes!

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