Indoor + Outdoor Grow Diary Day 340 - Off-Grid Solar Powered LED Grow - Making Reasonable Progress

Hey folks...not done an update for a while. Gonny get back on it..Everything is looking pretty good now. Was a bit worried at one point as everything seemed to look much smaller than they should have been.

Everything really smells amazing 😁

Sampled a little bit of the Wedding Cake and its tasting seriously amazing...fruity, sour and tangy!!! Not even dried properly 😂 It's really strong also..half a spliff and you are pretty fucked a really good way 😉

Here are some pics from a few days ago 😁

This is the Gorilla Skittles.



Cookies Kush


Gorilla Skittles


Cookies Kush


Cookies Kush


Gorilla Glue - This is massive!!


Purple Punch


This is the nice Gorilla Glue in the raised bed. She is filling out nicely and has that proper GG#4 aroma going on 😉




Peace, G.


I wish I could grow some as well but cant cause its illegal to grow it in Pakistan

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Looking awesome

Hell yeah! Those are have been activated to beast mode I see

I agree beast mode!

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Yeah they are doing it now man..!!😉

Would I wouldn't do to be able to grow on some land of my own. Soon.... lord willing
Very happy plants you have. Great work!

Thanks man 😉


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Gonna need to throw a trim party

Yeah you know it man..😂

Better get smokin'!

lol funny one

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How much to send your whole crop to the UK?


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