Day 51 - Indoor Grow Diary - Off-Grid Solar Powered Led Grow - Super Cropping Started

Hey folks, Graham here. Another beautiful day on the ranch :) 24 degrees !! :) Thats warmer than a summer's day in Scotland lmao

Really lucky were getting this much sun as we still havn't sorted the new spiderfarm led growlight and new solar panel but i have the cash to buy it now so it should be pretty soon :)

The plants are looking really healthy today. We've had a little bit of wind and there stalks are getting thicker because of this :)

I gave them their first pinch today to start the 'supercropping' stress technique process. I will probs do this once a week at first going up to twice a week when they get taller.





Peace, G.


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Coming along great bro!

Those are coming along nicely.. they could be monsters if you veg all winter then grow outside about May-ish

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Yeah definitely man..😀 some will be our mother plants and the rest will get planted 😉


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