5 Gallon Grow Challenge - Day 31 - Going Into Flower !!

Hey there. 😎

Here is an update for my entry in the #5gallongrowchallenge

Day 31

This is going to be a small plant as it is flowering already !! I really thought she would have got w bit bigger first.!

Should be amazing weed anyway. Smells beautiful. 😁


Day 19

As you can see there has been some nice growth since my last post. Looking like a double header now.


It has grown loads in the last few days. The compost i added has definitely helped. :)

Day 11


Day 7


Day 5


Day 1



Peace, G.

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Hehehehehe, flowering at 5 inches tall, nice! :P
I'm laughing, but not AT you.... I'm laughing along WITH you! (You're laughing, aren't you? I hope so.)
But you're right, it's not the size that matters most, it's the quality! And this will be a tasty little specimen, I'm sure. Besides, summer's got a ways to go yet, maybe it'll stretch out and fill in nicely as we go. Keep up the good work :))

Yeah I'm laughing man 😂 it will be interesting to see how it turns out 😀

LOL at least yours is female....
I sure got plenty of pollen from my #5gallonchallenge bucket flower! But they won't let me on the leaderboard. Sexists! ;P

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