Transplanting Canna-Starts for 2021 PNW Outdoor Season

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This season is going to be a little different than I am used to, but I am all about adaption/evolution now, so I have re-strategized accordingly (although I still firmly disagree with the totalitarian agreement reversal). Despite the fact that roommates and I had previously agreed to allowing some plants to grow in the backyard (albeit less than usual, 2-4 plants were agreed on), I have now been told I cannot grow any cannabis here upon returning with my seedlings... not even one!

FYI - In Oregon (even without medical cards/grower card) you can grow 4 MATURE plants legally at your residence.

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Back-bed that will likely become wasted optimal growing space this season

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I will tell you this - THAT DID NOT STOP ME FROM SOURCING & TRANSPLANTING SOME BADASS STARTS! I have since found them a new home, which I will update you with later.

The phenotype featured in this segment is Mango Sherbert - with a 50 day flowering time, making it ideal for obtaining a shorter growing season necessary for outdoor grows in the Pacific Northwest - as mentioned in my recent article on Thudbuds - where these genetics were sourced. These were the ONLY unfeminzed seedling they had, and you can look for a publication about me sexing these babies in the next 2-3 weeks.


The other pheno that I grabbed (one plant - the bigger one) is a feminized seedling (1/5000) is known as Pie Stomper - Key Lime Pie x Grape Stomper. This one has a much longer flowering time so we will likely see this one in a pot for mobility.

Enjoy the Video!

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I don't understand how there are people who make their plants grow tall in a short time: D

All day direct sun - organic nutrients - organic/biological pest control - constant love, attention, pruning, and timed topping - those are the pillars.

Dude wth! Well at least you found a good home for them, but that still sucks. I wish you the best.

I will land on my feet with it - I always do.

Ps it’s saying the video is not supported.

It said that for me too until I switched browsers - should be working now.

Congrats man! You've got a few beauties there! Keep it going!

Oh I am! Thanks for the support.

That's sucks, roommates suck 🤣

Yea most of the time they do... everything comes around though.

I wish I could legally grow some MJ. Great post.

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