New Terp Test! - Episode 8: CITRUS SPECIAL - PNW Top Shelf Organics Display

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This episode contains a display and tasting, featuring a plethora of Oregon's finest. There are some brand new genetics, super rare genetics, an Indica that will wreck face, along with the three main tiers of the citrus spectrum (lime, lemon, and orange). All the flowers in this episode were grown 100% organic and natural, in light deprivation/supplemental lighting greenhouses.


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Citrus Terpene Flavors

Key Lime Pie

Key Lime Pie.jpg

This is a heavy hitting 75% Indica - STRONG limonene flavor (on the lime side) that is sure to score high with any cannabis connoisseur. Amazing bud structure - dense enough to be big, but not as hard as a rock - perfect.

Lemon Skunk


Oustanding 70% Sativa gorwn in the northern tip of the Emerald Triangle (Southern Oregon). This is one of my all time favorite Sativas, and this version of it is top notch. Smooth limonene flavor (on the lemon side).



My botanist friend said it took him six years of pheno-hunting to find the right cut of Mimosa. Being his favorite strain, it was well worth the effort, and the results are incredible... so much so that I ended up consuming all of it before this post! He has selected this cut to be populated, and should have seed soon. Strong orange flavor - he said the trickiest part was capturing the Tangie flavor/scent from the lineage.

Pie Stomper


A cross between Key Lime Pie & Grape Stomper, this blend of genetics produced and incredibly berry flavored cannabis flower with grade A bud structure. More of a 50/50 blend, and great for every day use - night or day. This one barely fits in the "citrus" category, but its close enough with the addition of grape). You may have seen this one in my recent cannabis grow updates.

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Deep Pockets

Deep Pockets.jpg

Brand new genetics from my botanist homie, and certainly my every-day flower (although I am almost out). This flavor is extremely unique, and surprisingly tastes more on the Indica side - surprising since it is a cross between Blue Power & Miracle Alien Cookies (MAC) - MAC is known to be a strong (and VERY popular) sativa, that is hard to get your hands on. MAC is also very difficult to breed with, and his Blue Power crosses have not yielded great results previously, so a successful match here was unlikely, yet turned out extremely good.

Ice Cream Cake


Another well grown Indica from Southern Oregon. This one will knock your socks and head off so watch out. Effects of fuzz-brain and can induce couch-lock if over consumed. The bud structure is immensely dense and the colors are all of the rainbow, mainly purple and sparkle-frost.



A Pacific Northwest OG classic! These genetics were designed to withstand the harsh harvest season of our temperate rainforest climate - meant for outdoor/light-dep grows. Cuts of this strain are extremely difficult to come by these days, and cherished when they are (very rare genetics). The flavor contains a heavily yet very unique floral scent and vibe. While the bud structure is super solid, the flowers don't grow quite as big as some of the other strains featured on this list. This is an important strain to preserver for PNW outdoor canna-farming.

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Reserve Talings1.jpg

It has been a while since I published a Terp Test, but know I will be doing separate Terp Tests on each of these strains/cuts individually over time. For now, enjoy the smorgasbord of pristine buds with a symphony of flavor. In this episode, I try them all at once in one BIG spliff. Enjoy - I know I did!

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Bless the Method

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Enjoy Episode 8 of Terp Test! - A Top-Shelf Citrus Special

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Found it!!

STORY: This strain started out in the PNW as a Korean sourced Thai, grown by Veterans of the Korean War in the 1950's. Over time, they developed a loose growers collective made up of close friends, who were also veterans and motorcycle club members. These growers stretched in location from Canada to Southern California. During a 30 year time span, they slowly introduced several strains in their attempts to make the plant easier to grow. Each time they bred their worked Thai line with a new strain, they worked those resulting plants for many years before introducing/breeding in a new strain. The first was Mexican sativa, and that result was eventually bred with a Colombian sometime in the late 1970's. They eventually crossed it with an Afghani indica, but did not like the results so they back-crossed those results with the Colombian strain. The final result, they deemed complete, and over the years it became known as Romulan.

A little better then the way I explained it lol

I think we had this conversation in one of my posts from a very long time ago... I actually met some of these guys. There are also vietnam vets that are also indeed bikers local to this area in the collective. It is currently the only way to actually get Romulan cuts that I am aware of (unless my friend made seed of it - not sure).

Their logo is an outline of a kind of canna-girl (head and hair only) that is green and yellow... I usually have trouble finding their logo since I can never remember the company name, but I occasionally see their products around town at local glass n smoke shops. I posted their logo at one point either in one of my posts or the comments of one of my posts... you would have to do some digging to find it. Thanks for the stellar info!

I like your style, mixing all the strains into one smoke. I do that.. sometimes load one end or the other with diff strains for some effect. some great bud

If your mixing with varieties of this caliber - it's a guaranteed good smoke. Awesome in fact, but I do often prefer just one at a time depending. It's a mood thing.

You probably already know all about this, but Romulan is such a cool strain, with a history. A Korean war vet brought back some seeds to the PNW, and started to breed, which eventually would become Romulan. You familiar with this story?

Round two! haha, I commented below the history you posted.

Some great strains like lemon skunk romulan.

Don't sleep on Deep Pockets either, that is my favorite pick of the lot. Nothing like Rom and LS though - also amazing.

Very cool, I like the mimosa

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