New Terp Test! - Episode 5 - Funk Turntable Dabs & Indoor Gorilla Glue - Froooooosty! - Makin' a Canna-Comeback

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This Cannabis Concentrate is called Strawberry Napalm Live Batter (Mendo Diesel x Pineapple), with a terpene profile and potency that will knock your socks off! The flower in this episode is indoor grown Gorilla Glue that is some of the frostiest nugs I've seen around here in a while.


There is funk music playing in the background of this video, and I did that having no clue that my buddy was about to hand me some dabs from Funk Extracts on a little dab turntable - nice synchronicity bro! This video features my friends Jedi, Matty (who is helping build our vocal booth), and his dog Cowboy.


It's good to be back on the blockchain and to have a chance to throw up some canna-content on @Canna-Curate & #weedcash. I hope everyone is still staying lit and enjoy the video!

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Enjoy Episode 5 of Terp Test!

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Enchanted blessings - with love, truth, respect, & honor - @ELAmental.


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It has been almost 3 years since I’ve had GG! Oh man this stuff looks delicious:)

Oh yea it is very scumchious! Glad to be back on the canna-block bro!

This looks good.

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You have no idea, so flavorful, so stoned. Hive-Canna-fest 2021??

Sounds good. I’m in