My Pie-Stomper Plant (new cross) in Oregon & "New" Cannabis Legislation in Virginia + Vital Grow Tip

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That’s huge about Virginia! Pie stomper sounds like something I would love.

It's a great flavor, especially if your into the fruit. Personally I prefer the strait KLP - the flavor/smell is unreal - strong aroma and potency - if you have the right cut ;-)

Key Lime Pie sounds like fire

It is SOOO FYA! I will be doing a post about that one soonish.

OMG! This weed looks so amazingly attractive. The colours are aso radiant, I bet it really had a hell of photosynthesis on it.😀 What do you call this type of weed please?

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Well firstly, I would call it Cannabis, since "weed" is propaganda used to stigmatize the natural plant medicine... and if you mean the strain, it's all over the post -


Okay, Alright, I get it. Thanks for your time.

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Nice plant, it is really bigger :D

Thanks, its just a tiny baby though, didn't do much to it and planted it a month late.