Moloka'i Frost - 100% Sativa Hawaiian Landrace Clones - RARE Phenotype - Years of Work

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Way cool dude! I bet they will grow great up there. The question remains though... What kind of sativa high will it be? The racy, palm sweating type or the psychedelic colors wrapped around the head effect...

I heard the effects were more on the Indica side, which is so strange considering its a strait Sativa. We will see - I will be doing a Terp-Test episode on it when they crop at my buddy's place in several weeks.

The Durban poison for example makes my heart race and I get sweaty palms but the AJ sour Diesel, granted is a poly hybrid with 25% indica or so, wraps my head with colors and I can sit and chill no problem.

Nice, I bet they mean its so psychedelic that all you can do is watch TV...

Very cool dude! You think these will make it all the way through the Oregon outdoor season? Also don’t know why but video is not showing

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If you are viewing this on please view on to see video. IDK why LBRY videos will not play on trying to figure it out

Nvm I see it on peak:)

Did it actually play though🧐 still buffering for me


A magical grow, loved the video 👍💚🔥