CANNABIS VIDEO CONTEST!! - 30 Hive for the Best 5 Second 4k Video of Buds

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The Winner of this contest will have their video clip featured in my music video known as "ELAmental Forces" (set to release in October), and receive a 30 HIVE PRIZE! I only have a few, very specific requirements, and you will only have a chance to win if your clip fits ALL the criteria.

The Content

I only need a very short (approximately 5 seconds) video clip of your BEST HARVESTED AND TRIMMED CANNABIS FLOWERS - A LOT OF THEM, SO IT FILLS THE ENTIRE FRAME. It is your choice how much movement you want with the shot, but be aware that if the movement is too quick or sudden, and creates any sort of visual distortion, I will not be able to use it for the music video. I would prefer a slow side crawl of the cannabis, moving past it gingerly without any shaking.


Other Possible Shot-Types

I am also open to high caliber close-up shots of cannabis flower tops still being grown and (I assume) are about to be harvested as October approaches. I would prefer the nug shots, but if there is a good enough shot of either a few extremely exquisite tops, or a panorama of a whole ass-ton of plants about to be cut down, I suppose that could work, but it would have to be GOOD. Sun going down with a drone going up over the garden? IDK, I'll leave the artistic approach up to you guys.


  1. 4k Camera with HIGH SPF (must also have the high frame rate)
  2. LANDSCAPE ONLY - I cannot use any shots taken in portrait view (NO VERTICAL SHOTS)
  3. Short 3-5 second video clip with no visual distortion
  4. Review the reference post/video (click here) to see what I was going for, and what went wrong with our own attempt at this (so you do not make the same mistakes we did).

You can upload your video clip to anywhere you like and post the link or video in the comments of this thread to enter. If you win however, know that you will be required to email me the file directly for highest possible quality on the transfer, and you consent to have your clip in my music video: "ELAmental Forces".

This contest will end when an entry is summitted that meets all of the requirements and feels right for the shot. My video-editor must also approve the clip. The Prize is 30 Hive and braggin' rights that those are your flowers every time you show someone the video. Please let me know if you have any questions, and GOOD LUCK!

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Enchanted blessings - with love, truth, respect, & honor - @ELAmental.




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Stay tuned - into the right frequencies


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What A lovely contest, and to know that the winner's video would be featured in your music video. That is simply awesome. I don't cultivate, but I'd love to watch as many entries to this contest.

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Yea me too, this should be a fun one, provided there are at least a few people around the Hive-Canna folks to achieve a few quality entries. Thanks for the support, looking forward to the results.

How I wish I still stay around my old area, this contest would have been fun.

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Ill see if i can get access to a good camera. Actually have a nice abundance of freshly trimmed herb. Its so crazy because i don't know many people, so i hope to god im able to get rid of most of it! lol

I hope you at least find a good camera, would be nice to have your buds featured if you were to win! No entries yet.

Damn, Those weeds looks irresistible.

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Awsome idea !PIZZA ill try to get some vids

@elamental! I sent you a slice of $PIZZA on behalf of @chubb149.

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If you have a good enough camera, PLEASE DO. Much appreciated! This should be a fun one.

Hi @elamental I've made this video to see if it works for you. It is made with 4k and 30 frames. My phone can't with more frames.
I only have these buds for now, in 15 days or a month I will have more.

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Nice budz! Its a good video, but a little too shaky to use, as well as a little distortion in some of the movement with the camera. Pretty much the same issue I had with my shots. Thank you for sharing! Bless the method.

Ok, I will try to do it with more tranquility this weekend. I don't think I can do it before 🐸. Good luck.

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Any takers?

Is anyone else going to post an entry? Or should I just not include another cannabis shot in the video? Down to my last option with this contest. Blessings.

i have half plant to harvest, i will make the video :D jajja

Looking forward to it brotha!