2021 Mt. Tabor 420 Celebration in Portland, Oregon - BEST YEAR EVER!! - Location of the Next Hive Canna-Fest!

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2021's Mt. Tabor 420 Celebration was the absolute best and most unique installment of this completely open and free community driven event I have ever experienced. I participated in this event every year since I have lived in Oregon (8 years running), and there were certainly some really epic year's atop this smoky summit with my Portland fam. There were multiple years when DJ's brought up their whole setup, scratching vinyl with old school hip hop and turning the whole mountaintop into a literal cloud of smoke - so much so that you couldn't even see a foot in front of you. There was even a wedding a few years back.

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This year started out slow and casual, with people slowly making their way to the top of Mt Tabor. For a while I was getting worried the turnout would not be much better than last year's 420 coodies keep-away, but then at around 4PM, people started pouring in... I did not realize just how much until after 4:20PM, when we conducted our ceremony of cannabis blessings, and started to head to a different part of the hill. There was actually a fairly long fist fight duel that was honestly more entertaining than anything. It was a good fight, no one got injured, probably not ideal to blow up the spot but we handled it ourselves like the rest of the event. NO COPS!


It was at this point I realized that the reason it seemed like the attendance could have been better was due to the fact that conscious humans had taken over the entire mountain! We were spread out everywhere, there were 2 STAGES including a hip hop/electronic stage with true emcees, insanely good live painters from a local collective, vending stands with all kinds of awesome merch... this event was a bonfire short of a full on FESTIVAL! It also continued for longer than we stayed - we left around sunset to eat dinner.


My friends and I were planting mind-seeds, spreading love, and smoking some DANK... we were chiefin' the entire time - non-stop, no-joke. I was HELLA blazed, and so was everyone else haha - mission accomplished! I even had a couple growers gift me a grip of frosty indoor flower that we smoked faster than I could photograph. If I would have known about the sound gear/hip hop stage earlier, I would have loved to throw down! Next year I will be NO DOUBT!


I saw TONS of people I know and met a few new friends and artists. The one part about this gathering that really got me though, was when I saw a homie that owed me a bit of money from some gems that he ended up not getting for me. He approached me with gifts of some heady Grateful Dead lapel pins - one of which was of a freeKing PIRATE SHIP NAMED "WE WILL GET BY"!! - OH YES WE WILL INDEED!!


This is extremely significant due to the fact that I had literally just come up on the best crypto pump in my life... *PIRATE CHAIN!! ARRR!! (which has gone up even more since then). This thing is just beautiful, a perfect physical incarnation of the digital blessing we are still receiving. So perfect in fact that I asked if he had another, which he did... only one. I handed him a grip of nugs for it, kept the one he gave me, and gifted the other to @kennyskitchen for introducing me to ARRR at the perfect time, providing just the opportunity that both of us had been patiently waiting for. The feeling was serendipity at its finest (one of life's best feelings).

One of Kenny's Sticker's Given Out at the Event


Years of following Kenny's guidance has drastically improved my life in many ways. If you follow that man's advise/numerous blogs as I did for the past several years, you will be the opposite of disappointed, and maybe even gain a fearless friend in the process if your lucky enough. You may not always sense his presence in a crowd if you didn't know him, but don't let his shadowy elusiveness fool you, he is one powerful, POWERFUL sorcerer! Trust that.


Stoked to See Portland Back in Full Swing!

This was one of those events that was so homey and vibey that one feels like it's a faux paus to pull out a device and start recording... that is until just the right time. It's a short video but really places you at the scene. I don't show everything that was happening, only one section of the mountain for a short time - and it was epic.

2022 Hive-Canna Fest Mt. Tabor Celebration

Next year we are going to do a full blow out Hive-Crypto Canna Fest up on the hill on 4/20, and I would absolutely love it if @canna-curate, @weedcash.network, & any other canna communities here would collaborate with us and the underground Portland community to make this a truly unified thing! We cans still roll up to NW Canna Club later or the next day too (2-day 4/20 blowout 2022?). What do you think @jonyoudyer?

Remembering the Real Life Steem-Canna Fest



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420 Mt. Tabor Cannabis Celebration Gathering LINKS:

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this post is so killa' it has a lot of energy, people either get that or they don't

we WILL get by

@battleaxe!! Haven't heard from you in ages -- thanks for the love. How have you been?!

"this post is so killa' it has a lot of energy, people either get that or they don't - we WILL get by..."

You get it!

Heyo! I gave you a bit of a shout out on my last post and I don't post much but I do try to keep around even when realllly busy but you're doing a ton of awesome stuff in honestly, some dark times.

I was up late anyway with how the markets have been and was like (ahhh mine eyes...lol) and was just put in a better 'zone' after reading something so affirming and warm as I tend to write about darker stuff but we both want the same outcome of all this radical change.

now is the time, gotta raise them vibes hehe (the time is now folks) Take it ez


The past couple years were even darker for me personally, and I knew all I could do was keep striving to better myself even though I felt terrible. Coming out on the other side (as much as possible) now feels even better since I have the fruits of all my "pushing through the pain" labor to enjoy and share. Thank you for the recognition - oh yea we all watching those markets rn! t.ogre - the time is now indeed, but it's nowhere close to over. Been preparing this whole time. Much love!

Im down! Do not see why not at all. Free venue, beautiful spot. Probably will also have my whole family come with me this time, but not to the even lol.

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Right on! We will coordinate with local freedom cells/music organizers when the time is closer.

I don't smoke (weed anyway), but I love the idea of a Hive gathering in my neighborhood! Following to stay up-to-date.

Right! We are going to do a class/meeting or two down the road before that too. I will do my best to rmember to let you know about it.

amazing post ...blessings!

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Thank you @joeyslliks! Blessings to you as well~!

I would also take part, only unfortunately it is far from Central Europe to Oregon. It looks exactly as it should, cool

Hopefully you can find a local spot near you by next year. Otherwise we would love to have you! Bless.