The MALE Cannabis Flower in all his glory

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Female cannabis flowers are beautiful, and they bear the medicine, so naturally their images grace the blockchain en masse. But without the male, there is little future for the species. Through sexual reproduction, the cannabis plant continues on - and undergoes beneficial adaptations. We must honour the male as well as the female. I currently have a gorgeous specimen on hand, but once he gives up his pollen, he has to go. So without further ado, here is "Monster", my Reclining Buddha male, at his prime!

For him, this is as good as it gets. These are the glory days. He's exposed, he's standing tall, he's out there for all to see. Those little pollen sacs aren't matured yet, but I'm watching closely, because they have a way of surprising even the experienced indoor gardener.

At full height, Monster is still only half as tall as the females behind him - 8 inches tall (and 11 inches wide)!

See my previous garden update here.

What a healthy specimen! That rich green, those sturdy stalks, the lush full leaves without a hint of burn or deficiency. Just like the other 4. This is is primo 200% organic growth in full splendor!

Every day, those pollen sacs get bigger, more developed, and pushed further outward on little stalks. Very soon they'll pop open like banana splits and shoot their polleny loads all over the place.

I plan to allow some to naturally wind (fan) pollinate, and I'm also going to manually pollinate a branch or two of my favourite two females. Then I'll get plenty of sensimillia (high-potency seedless bud), but also a bunch of seeds to continue the genetic line.

Reclining Buddha is from Sensi Seeds in Amsterdam. I was gifted these classic canna-genetics by a Dutch friend of mine a few years back, and used them up to get this crop. Getting a fresh generation of good seeds will be a real win.

One node down, he's got another set of male parts, also growing and maturing. The next generation is close at hand!

And a short clip to finish off, showing Monster from trunk to tip!

All 8 inches of him!

I'm blessed to currently have the space, ability, and relative-freedom to grow these plants. My wife MediKatie and I use vapourized cannabinoids to overcome cancer, chronic pain, and PTSD. I can't grow near enough to supply all our needs, but I continue to grow to show that it can be done, without special equipment or high startup cost. My shared experience and information on the blockchain is there for you, and for my children and other descendants, should for some reason I not be around to teach these things in person. The knowledge of healing with these powerful but safe plant flowers must not be lost.

Grow in peace.

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Those........... BALLS! :-O

I'm not into males (or plants) but Monster is one sexy individual!
Looking forward to the girl flowers though :))

He's going to shoot all over those Girls!

We can only hope.
(and also that there are photos!)

Marvelous mounds, mister!

This is some beautiful work

Thank you. I do my best to allow Nature to call the shots and guide my actions as a gardener. This is what happens when we get out of the way (except to provide favourable conditions and protection from predators).

100% right mate, you are do very well. Sadly i now live in Cyprus and i can't grow here :(

Sorry to hear that. I've been fighting cannabis prohibition (including laws against private people growing plants for themselves) for a long time. It's a huge problem all over the world, and sadly, it's getting even worse with "legalization". What we really want is freedom - the end of prohibition! We don't need to legalize anything, that's just a recipe for more bad laws, more prisons, more "crimes", and more pain. We must END the prohibition of cannabis and release all peaceful cannabis "criminals" from prison.
I'm very sorry you can't grow, because of bad laws, and the threat of actions against you. My plants, also, are illegal. I would be imprisoned for 14 years - per offense. But I continue to publicly talk about and show my garden, as an act of civil disobedience. If I go to jail with killers and rapists for growing these 4 plants, so be it, and I will be another example of how broken this world is, until enough people notice and say "enough!"

Nice balls!

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A few days later.... I wonder if they've burst yet?!
How long can he hold it? LOL
Has your male blown the load and gone to male heaven?


LOL Thanks, shaved them up real nice just for you :P

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