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RE: Santa's Kandy Bred By Jonyouder, A Weedcash Exclusive(Living Soil Edition)

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Still lookin good, thanks for the update!
Remember, if you put a male outside, you will ruin many people's crops, for many miles around, because cannabis is wind pollinated and does not make nectar to attract bees. Pllllleeeease don't let your pollen get loose into the air. A single plant can pollinate hundreds of thousands, sometimes miles away with the right breeze. The bees don't need that plant - getting rid of it asap is best for you and best for everybody else as well.


I’m theory yes it may, but with fog, humidity and barriers in factor, I highly doubt it will do damage. Now if my neighbors where growing, I may consider to not. But this early in the season I highly doubt it. Besides I will most likely grow out till I see nice clusters of flowers, then cut tops and bring on my window seal, and discard the rest.