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RE: I received my sweaters

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Nice fit!
But be careful, don't tell people they can make money on Hive. When they go through all that trouble and effort to get an account and learn how to use it, they will then realize you lied. It's best to be honest, and tell them the truth, which is that only a select few can make anything on Hive, and most people on Hive have lost money and still not made a cent. Most new accounts are barely able to post, and it can take many years before they earn enough to buy a chocolate bar. If we tell people they'll make money, when they don't, they will quit and never come back, that's not good.


Everyone can earn newcomers too. I've seen introductory posts above $100. But I do agree that only good content is rewarded. I have also resolved to have a new comer every week that I will follow. I understand you further but it is possible for new bees

I don't agree that only good content is rewarded, at all. Some of the best content goes unpaid and some of the worst content is on the trending page making $500+. This chain is a disaster of profiteering and greed, where valuable content is punished or ignored.

Yes that is also correct. But there is hope and
we also have a bit of a task to upvote the right ones