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RE: Cured Nugs

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Ahhhh well it never lasts long, does it? This kind of bud is beyond primo, and it doesn't burn the throat, so it's possible to slurp it up like candy! Delicious. I only smoke when I have access to this kind of sensimilia.

Great job growing, great harvest, great post! I'm glad you have seeds of your favourite sativa, for experimentation later. For now, happy growing : )


Thanks bro! Yeah it never lasts long, but it is what it is. Maybe one day we will all be a part of a community with almost limitless abundant access to cannabis. We'll all have giant mason jars full of it. Our biggest problem will be consuming it before it goes bad :D

I need to get another tent before growing this strain again. It's far too good to lose because of inadequate growing conditions. If I can successfully multiply it into a bank of seeds I'll claim it as my strain, and everyone will likely agree it's one of the best in the world ;)

Well making seeds is actually pretty straightforward, and you'll do well at it I'm sure! When you're ready just ask for advice and you'll get it. I've done it a few times and it's definitely rewarding. Being able to do the whole life cycle of the plant is awesome!