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RE: Big Fat Buds - Defoliation - Indoor Garden Update

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Awesome, bro. Nice post, and congrats on the Curie mark of approval! I used to get one of those every few months, but you know, politics.... lol
I love the way some of your plants stack up, like buildings, with a round nug at each floor! Very aesthetic flowers in a row.
They're all special, aren't they? : ))
Plenty of trichomes... looks like you're in for a treat! And it's cool you don't know the strains. I don't like doing it that way, but I think it's interesting when other people do. I just don't like surprises, but that's just me : P
Keep up the great work, you're always growing!


Thanks bro,
This is my first Curie on Hive and I'm grateful for it. My posts seem to be doing pretty good on Hive and I'm really gonna try hard to post more.
The tough part for me is I feel this block like I don't know what to blog about anymore.
Maybe I'll go for some etymology or psychology.. idk.. Need to do more than just gardening posts though.

They certainly are all special, and I don't mind surprises much with cannabis, but when only working with like 1.5 ft/ 0.4572 meters, its tough when working with a blend of indicas and sativas because of the sativas gaining height so much faster.

Perhaps I will get some known strains soon. I can probably have them shipped here now that it's legal in the state of New York.

I appreciate all the positive support my friend.

Yes! You've garnered some great support for your posts - something I've failed to do after 4 years of regular posting! Not everybody can do what you've accomplished. I hope you take advantage of that success, and continue to put out great posts, and bring in big payouts. That's the dream, and I think it's within your grasp. To me it would be a shame for you to not seize this opportunity. And of course I will continue to support you.
I totally know what you mean about the height thing. It seems manageable in theory, and then you realize how tough it is to manage a canopy with 3 or 4 different levels of flower growth... especially when limited lighting options. So you're doing really well. You've put some love into your garden and it shows!