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RE: Tent Update: Playing The Waiting Game

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Lookin great! Yeah it's nice to have things down and gone for a while. Then the urge hits and gets worse and worse until you're knee deep in plants again :P
You have drying/curing down to an art, good stuff. Yeah it's all about going slowly, but not so slowly that you get mold. A gentle breeze but not direct air. And not letting it get too humid, too dry, too hot, or too cold! Did we miss anything? Heheh. It can be done anywhere, as long as you know what conditions to try and hit. Looks like you will end up with some great sensi!!


Thanks bro! And yeah I decided to use one of our walk in closets, and come to find out it’s damn near perfect! Wish I would of tried this out sooner. Good thing my wife don’t mind being kicked out for a couple weeks ;)