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RE: Rainbow Chip, Dirty Little Secret, Big Mack, & Helena X PBB

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Compost tea always helps!!
Wow, 840 votes but only 3 comments...
All those machines must be helping because the buds look huge!


Yeah looks like the @dynamicsteemians trail is back online.

Do you want back on? Just kidding... Im still refining. I see that your following and casting a vote.

Im trying to keep it manageable by:

eliminating content that I'd rather not read everyday(from people not following trail or sharing posts in post promotion which will evolve into a new community account that will sport a new name per your suggestion. @dynamicsteemians is a brand basically and then rep is important etc.)

Took off all inactive people or accounts who are not casting a large enough to gain curation

Also took off people who didn't respond to comments, was racist, made threats of violence etc.

Ultimately, I want to be able to engage the trail and monitor content appropriately all the whole gaining curation for the accounts following the trail.

So many people are following and are active on but do not have enough HP to vote.

Maybe as the rshare value of each HP point increases with the price of hive growing so all these people can cast a vote finally.

Ill make a detailed post about it. I aim to monitor the trail and content 100x better as well as individual accounts.

My man! Your Totally on it. Yeah I won’t mind. Whatever s clever. Yeah that is great you took off those who are posting horrible stuff.

Its wasn't many. It was more so when reaching out and nothing was said or done back. But yeah I wouldn't say horrible for a lot just mostly trying to present a good curated group in which I/others can follow, engage and gain curation.

It has helped me wing off the bitchute🤪

Kind of cool its like my own personal readers digest 🤫

Im going to make my friends list match the trail follow list.

That's cool. How is the herbs doing? I made a compost tea and use for the first time on my indoor plants, but I do fell like I am missing something.

Do you think they want more mag? Azomite and worm castings probably wouldn't hurt but they look pretty close to finishing.

Maybe finish off with Great white or phos microbes from rootwise

Yeah im thinking i do need to get a bag of WC. My bottled nutes have it, but IM sure it would not hurt to get more. I was thinking fish fertilizer is something i should also have.

You know phosphorus is taken up much more effectively via amending the soil. Liquid applications of phos will discourage mycellium growth. Also maybe watering less frequently or less deep could help a lot. Im not there to stick my finger in your soil to tell.