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RE: Tent Update

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Oh shit, those buds are growing very quickly! I'm jealous, you're only a week ahead of me, but ten times the flower already. I think they are enjoying the nutrients! My only concern would be the density of the canopy, combined with the amount of moisture they are demanding, plus the large bud size, would mean a potential for molds and bud rot. But you have a lot of good equipment now so I don't think you'll let that get out of control! This should be a crop to remember.


Tbh they probably need more nutes. There growing so fast, and sucking up all the nutrients available. I got a compost tea brewing now, so tonight will be a feeding.

Thanks for being honest :)

Why wouldn't i lol. Still learning alot. I think ill need to get some fish oil in time for next grow. Or even get it asap, and hit the tent with it.