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RE: Cannabis Photography

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Buds are coming along nicely! Too bad about that thrip damage on the leaves. I guess they spread right through a dense canopy like that, not much you can do about it. But they can only drain so much juice, clearly plenty is still available to the plants, cuz they're growing!
The money you save by smoking your own harvest will pay you back for all the money you spend on the equipment. Next time, it will be all profit!


Yeah totally! I know I said I might take a break, but I was looking at my local nursery and saw this. What I’ll do is finish everything, then clean very good. And hopefully resist the temptation and take a few weeks with no plants. Hopefully whatever thrips are around will be gone for good. Then do my best with prevention.

Makes sense. I personally can't even see them. I don't know if that's because my eyesight is going, or because they're too small to see, or maybe that's not even what I have. I'll get some macro pics of the shiny leaf spots and post them soon. I sure don't see any insects, in the soil or on the leaves, but I dunno what else would be causing these little blemishes.
That pic looks good... you can't help yourself can ya? :P