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RE: My Reentry Into the #5gallonchallenge!

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I hope more people try the bucket life LOL
We all have an old bucket lying around. Why not give it one more spin before it hits the recycle center?
A few holes for drainage/airflow, some dirt, and a seed.... and you're growing!
No fuss, no transplant required, just increase the amount of water given to the plant as it grows. You can add nutrients, or just let it use up whatever's in the soil to start with. It has some pros and cons over a regular plant pot, but the extra challenge makes it fun.
I look forward to placing on the leaderboard, and challenge any other purely organic grower to also try the bucket challenge. We may not take the weight category but let's show them we can produce some fire bud too...... in a bucket!


Yeah i am quite surprised on the participation we are getting! I think having a ongoing thing is key here.

Yeah, people probably appreciate being able to jump in when they've got the space in their garden.