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RE: Breeding Update, BMAC, Silver Mac

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Good stuff, 100% upvote, onward and upward we grow! :))
Good to see the existing cannabis content-creators being rewarded more regularly for content lately. This shows any people thinking about joining that there's a chance they too will be able to earn a little crypto here. If only a select few in-crowd people are rewarded for content, the rest will fade away, or never sign up in the first place. So I see this a a positive development. I hope Hive continues to thrive so that Weedcash also does well, and our cannabis content is not only uncensored, but seen and appreciated.
So now I know why my weedcash account isn't working today! The URL has changed from .network to .org?
I love waking up with beautiful cannabis flowers and their dank aroma! Best morning breath ever :P


Logicaldude posted about it several days ago, remember? New url, and updated site features :)

Yes it is great to see more acceptance of cannabis. Also for our community to see a bump in rewards. If someone comes here and puts in effort, they will be rewarded:)

Wow I was impressed with $7, so $64 is outstanding! One of the biggest posts on the blockchain this week!!