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RE: The Seeds have been Planted 🌱 #The5GallonChallenge!

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Sweet! Good luck. :) You may not be able to identify the strain from the look, taste or effect... but it's possible.

I just started at the same time as you. I can't do 5 gallon pots, but I'm playing along for fun. :)

Following you!

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Coincidentally I had an empty 5 gallon paint container. So I'm going to clean that out and drill some holes in it.

I may not be able to identify them, but as long as the effect is good, I'm good. :)


Thanks. I use a mofified @bluntsmasha tactic, which itself is just a slightly improved version of the paper towel/baggie method. I call it the "germination station" and it has popped 100% of the seeds put into it so far (about 50). It also enables easier transplant into soil than typical methods. Currently I have 4 of 11 Reclining Buddha seeds sprouting, and 7 waiting. The perfect record and reputation is on the line! Heheh.

That's helpful! The plastic wrap is more easily accessible than a sealable bag.
Did not think of using that. I will try it next time.
Good luck!

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