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RE: A Call To Grow!

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Grow on!!

Sadly I can't join this one because that size bucket is bigger than I can do in my little garden in the corner of the room. And I've only got one light so all my plants have to be the same height.

But I will join in the growing fun, by starting a new crop, and posting on weedcash, and voting/commenting on other such posts I see.

Also, growing 200% organically, I rarely win yield contests anyway! :P

If only we had "bomb fire dankness" contests, but those are harder to do.

Good luck to all. Grow in peace.


200% organic? I grow 100% No-till organic and pulled off 3oz. It is all about the lights.

But I would love to actually see you join one of these Contest some day...... 🤔

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As you know, I grow without fertilizers, soil additives, store products, sprays, additives, soaks, amendments, etc etc etc. Nothing but water and worm castings. Most growers can't handle it. In fact I'm the only one I know of on the blockchain. I'm not complaining... this is the only way that is acceptable to me, so it's my choice. I'm just saying, I can't win any contests that are based on yield :)

All cannabis needs is dirt (not a "soil product", just dirt), water, air, and light.

And yeah it's all about the light, especially when all you have is a couple old tubes that are barely brighter than regular room lighting. I can afford something, but I live in a small town and can't drive or get anything delivered/shipped, so getting my hands on one is taking a minute.

I thought about doing different tiers of sizes so everyone can have a chance to jump in. Maybe I’ll roll out a 1, and 3 gallon tier to cover all bases.

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Or I can just wait until the next one! All good : D

1 gallon and 3 gallon is a good idea, Need to push out side Weedcash more, Be nice if Richard had a solid daily presence on other social media.

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we will add to this. Its time we ramp up our efforts to bring cannabis to the chain!