MK Ultra flowers filling in a bit

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After a long and hard few months, these MK Ultra cannabis plants are flowering. They're doing their best, despite running low on nutrients, and not having received as much loving attention as I normally put into my plants. This has been my most challenging and problem-beset crop ever.

She looks healthy enough, but that flower isn't very bulky, despite those amber pistils showing that she only has a few weeks left to grow.

My hope is they will fill in a bit more over the coming month. If not, at least I was lucky enough to end up with 7 females, so I'll have a garden full of little 'popcorn' nugs.

Grow in peace!


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At least there will be a harvest of some sort! Medicine is better than no medicine <3

I hope you harvest something worth the sweat my friend.

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Danks, bro! I've always been about quality over quantity, and this medicine's going to be delicious and potent, very little doubt there. It's just a question of HOW MUCH. At least we're not depending on this. With improved technique, proper access to worm castings, and less pandemic interruption, I'm hoping to double my yield (per unit time) next crop.

worst case freeze it and spray it or press it if you do extracts

keep growing the best buds
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A garden of popcorn nugs is better than no garden at all..

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