1000mg of pure crystalline CBD

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Cannabidiol is the 2nd most prevalent cannabinoid in cannabis flower resin - and also the 2nd most well known cannabinoid - behind Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). CBD is known for a wide range of therapeutic effects, and few/no side effects.

This is a full gram of 99.9% CBD in crystalline form.

Yes, it's white! CBD is usually associated with brown or amber coloured resin, and when in solution (like isopropyl alcochol) looks ruby red. But when properly isolated and crystallized, CBD has a very distinct off-white colour. Chemistry is cool!

It looks brittle, but that little wafer was literally unbreakable. Almost nothing I did would even dent it. We had to melt it in order to divide it up for dosing.

I purchased it at BC Bud Day 2019 from a vendor I've known for years. I've had several good extracts from him in the past and knew this would be safe to test out.


My wife @MediKatie and I really liked the flavour when we dabbed (vapourized) this pure CBD. It was almost exactly like a cherry. Uncannily so! Somehow, the vapour even seemed sweet, just like cherries.

The effect was relaxing. Our physical symptoms (like sweating, shaking, nerve pain, and anxiety) melted away instantly. We also slept quite well that night.

It's not THC, though. Some conditions (including many cancers) require THC in order for the cannabis to be effective. CBD is heralded as "non psychoactive", as though psychoactivity is something unhealthy or dangerous. Many prescription pills are psychoactive - in some cases, that's their entire point! A happy canna-buzz and some original thinking isn't something to demonize. But for those who need or want to medicate without feeling altered, CBD is an excellent choice.

CBD can treat a myraid of conditions, and studies have been piling up for years to back up what millions of patients already knew. It helps with PTSD, cancer, epilepsy, psychosis, and can even fend off an opiate overdose.

CBD is powerful medicine from an absolutely incredible plant.


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Right on, looks awesome. Rehived and upvoted : ))

Mmmm looks like moon rock

Looks very unlike what you'd imagine! Almost looks like it would be meth, or something else scary. But CBD is incredibly safe for almost every patient who might want to try it. The effects are undeniable especially when you get a dab of pure CBD isolate to the bloodstream.

Yeah, like crystalline cheese! It also kinda looks like a hunk of coconut oil.

And it tastes like cherry, or dark cherry pop flavour. It's really good for some symptoms. It's interesting to take note what CBD does for symptoms versus THC. Pure THC sure helps me get through a busy market day and helps with a lot of nervous system symptoms , but pure CBD is good for other symptom relief...but it's kinda boring i have to admit.

Nice job, I love to Dab CBD or mix with my diamonds.

I really want to dab this!

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