Lockdown working for most....

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Here is a quick update of an offsite grow that is mostly going good, apart from 1 x Strawberry Cheesecake who is refusing to grow.

  • Middle row are Pineapple Glue
  • The right row has 2 x Northern Lights at the top with an OG Kush bottom right
  • Left is Strawberry Cheesecake and the bottom left is the problem child :(

20200326_165030 (1).jpg
The OG Kush bottom right is about 7 days behind the others so we are not concerned about that one

Not to worry shit happens as we all know, its Saturday here so i do not have to work again till Monday evening.

I am running out of weed but i have a co-worker who grew the Peyote strain is bring me an Oz to work on Monday: ) - phew!

Hope you are doing ok wherever you are

y'all may as well have a cone, like i just did :)

All pictures ar mine

I am @dr-autoflower

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The plants are looking good, except for that poor little one...

That little one is going to be removed to give the others more room :)

Hope all is good with you ;)

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