Fems Sprouted/Weedcash give away

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Getting some new Fems ready for another mate who is just about to start their tent up again, so i got a couple of seedlings ready after letting them pick from a menu of seeds :)
i will drop these off tomorrow, below is the link for this big bang


I have a couple of hundred weedcash in my steem-engine wallet, show me what you are currently smoking or have been and i will send you a random amount of weedcash. . i will also upvote the shit out of your comment/picture!

so show me what you are toking on

All pictures are mine

I am @dr-autoflower

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This is one of what i smoke today.


Here I give you a pic of the Joint.




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That looks like nice weed :)

I just sent you 50 WEED

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Nice man, always great to help out friends. This sounds like an interesting strain. Might have to try it one day

yeah man helping mates out is good, plus I get to sample it when it is done :)

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image0 (8).jpg

Cake Crasher from the famous Cookies company!! BOMB

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OMG that looks nice

I just sent you 50 Weedcash :)

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Anybody who shows what there smoking will also get a 100% upvote from me as well!

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That is a good pic of your babies.


Viper og

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VIper Og looks sensational young man!!

i just sent you 50 Weedcash :)

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Yes it was some fire. I wish i was a young man, lol

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