Top Cannabis Vacation Spots in Jamaica: Seastar Inn

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Seastar Inn is known for it’s world class food, entertainment and hospitality —but did you know they grow/nurture some of the most epic strains on the island And provide Cannabis Infused Vacations? 🤓

There’s Wedding Cake, Cherry Pie, Pineapple Kush, Raspberry Kush, Lambs Bread, Nexxt and a few other popular mothers in their nursery.


And war of the clones...



Located just 5mins from me, @SeastarInn is rated #1 in Negril bed and breakfast as well as restaurant, on TripAdvisor. And for good reason —everything here is epic 👌🏽

The weekly poker nights have been cut down to Saturdays only. Great food, great ganja and poker? What more could you want on your vacation?...


... oh, yeah —they accept crypto, including Hive and Bitcoin 😎👍🏽

Cannabis Infused Vacation Packages at Seastar Inn can be found on


For more info visit

Cheers and thanks for reading 🙏🏽


DAAAMN! Just checked out their website! This place is a exactly what I need right now hahaha!

Noice!!!... if you pull the trigger and book sometime let me know, our retreat (@canjamretreat) is just a few minutes away and I would love to have (anyone 😅) from Hive stop by!!!!

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Thanks, Seastar was the first full service resort in Jamaica to accept crypto about 4years back... great times. Now with the bull market -it's on again 😁

Sign me up!

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Love this place! Had no idea about the Ganga...good looks 💯 👌

yeah, they had to keep it under wraps until licensing 😉

Looks like a chill time, enjoy man!

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sure will, thanks 🙏🏽😊