Cannabis & Social Distancing Signs Up @WakeNBakeCafe

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As per the protocols, I’ve put up social distancing warnings inside the Wake-N-Bake Café (@wakenbakecafe)

Wash your hands, follow the rules, yada yada and remember “DO NOT SHARE A SPLIFF” 😅

I printed/laminated these along with some others for a quick fix. It’s also recommended that our menus get sanitized often so laminating made sense —for now.


Here’s a closer look at the Social Distancing sign, I couldn’t stop laughing on the way back to the Café:


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— Hive accepted!

Peace ✌🏽

Disclaimer: Cannabis is NOT sold at The Wake-N-Bake Cafe nor CANJAM Retreat.

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Cool! And don't forget to remind people that cannabis prevents and treats coronavirus infection.

Thanks, do you have any links to that info... I'll gladly put it up!

Here is a new mainstream media article about it, and I did a post on it a couple months ago. Cananbinoids have thousands of medicinal uses in the human endocannabinoid system and are responsible for helping regulate almost every health process in the body. Cannabinoids cure most cancers, for example. And they're necessary for conception. This knowledge is easily found if you know what you're looking for, but almost nobody has heard it (because it doesn't benefit the state or pharmaceutical corporations). Silver also prevents and cures coronavirus, and can be cheaply made into medicinal form, but that information has also been suppressed. It's a lot like how certain antibacterial drugs which are available cheaply around the world were found to treat coronavirus with few to no side effects, but that information was suppressed, and then demonized as a "crazy Trump theory" once it couldn't be suppressed anymore, and now even that has been shown to be a lie. It actually works, in combination with Zinc, vitamin C, and vitamin D. Not to mention fresh air and sunlight, all things that have been taken from us or suppressed.