#420HappyHour Coming Soon to @CANJAMRetreat

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One of the first ideas I want to add to our Cannabis Retreat @CANJAMRetreat and The Wake-N-Bake Café @WakeNBakeCafe is a 4:20 Happy Hour

I’m in the early stages of planning but it will include:

  • Ganja Popcorn🍿 or Milkshake🥛
  • Paraphernalia Bar Access
  • Sanctuary and Roof Access
  • A (Free Sample) of 4 grams of —High Time’s Cup Winning— High Grade Ganja from The House of Sensi in Orange Hill, Jamaica
  • Hors d’oeuvres
  • Bottled Water

Happy Hour will be from 4:20pm to 7pm, perfect timing to coincide with the daily rush to Rick’s Café. I plan to market #420HappyHour as the perfect stoner stop prior to the famous Negril Sunset at Rick’s, which is just a 5min walk away.

In the other direction, due west; The Negril Light house is just a 5min walk, the bird sanctuary is only 5min by car, and the Blue Hole is about 20mins.

I’m also adding local Ganja Farm Tours so there’s a plethora of tie-ins for the retreat and neighboring businesses to cross-market.

After watching a couple videos on YT, I realized I can innovate in a booming niche. Cannabis Hospitality, Glamping and Premium Edibles are all hot right now.


Jamaica is finally getting some tourist again. Not everyone is happy about that, but imo we need it. I’ve been optimistic since getting my first guest on Thursday and believe if we follow the protocols everything will be alright.

Peace ✌🏽


For more info about our premium edibles and booking a stay at CANJAM Retreat, the premier Cannabis Retreat in Negril, Jamaica visit CanJamRetreat.com

Also check us out on BudAndBreakfast.com

— Hive and Bitcoin Accepted!

Disclaimer: Cannabis is NOT sold at The Wake-N-Bake Cafe nor CANJAM Retreat.

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@donald.porter I would definitely want to try ganja , but is illegal in our country so it's very difficult to get it. But I have heard about it many times . It is also used for medication also am I correct.

Now that looks like my sort of retreat and cafe, Jamaica is still on my list of places to visit when I finally do i'll be looking you up:)